Chatting, talking and more

Here yet another post of me.

I have been chatting with a dear friend of mine who I hadn’t been in a chat with for ages! It’s really cool when you finally can re-connect like that. We “met” online in 2005 because we shared some of the same interests. We connected quickly because of that and ever since I have considered that friend a dear and great one. We chatted many, many times. Often, when we didn’t have to work/go to school, we could chat till the early sun would already shine a light on us. We could chat about everything and anything. Nothing was too weird to discuss. Unfortunately, we both got busy, got involved in new/expanded relationships and that also took our time. We kinda grew apart, even though we both still cherished our friendship. And lately, I got more time and now my friend is almost done with university, which means more time as well. So this afternoon, we’ve been in a good chat. We both had to admit we really missed those days with long, too long chats 🙂

I guess more people know this phenomenon. You meet up with someone, you get to know him/her and become friends. The friendship evolves and grows deeper and after a while you both feel safe to share more information about yourself with him/her. You have confidence in that friendship and it means a whole lot to you. You would go through the fire and take a bullet for that friend, just because he/she means so much to you.
OK from now on I will just write he instead of he/she all the time. Of course I can mean she as well, but this way, it’s easier to write on. So, from now on: he equals she unless noted otherwise. Thanks for understanding.
And during a (long) period of time, he and you bond and you feel like you’ve found your new best friend. But then, situations change and you get more busy. Every time you think of him and your friendship, you intent to write an e-mail and patch your friendship up to the standards you were both accustomed to. And you intent and want to and then…you forget or you can’t make the time free that is required to write the e-mail you’ve been meaning to write. And that happens once, twice and then it becomes one time too many. Most of the time, the same happens to/with your friend and you lose your close contact. At times it may even seem like he’s out of reach. Some times, the friendship really waters down and you become long lost friends. And when you are lucky, you may find the time, or your friend will, and you get in touch again. Your friendship blossoms once more and you both promise to make more time for each other. And of course, this goal isn’t always achieved and then the previously described  happenings might happen all over again. And at other times, the goal is achieved and you feel really good and happy about it.

If you are in a position where you have no real, dear friends living in the neighborhood (or close by to say the least), you can feel isolated at times. It can be a lot of fun to chat, either through PC or phone, but really talking with someone in person, face to face, is so much better. You can see each other’s reaction. You can really be there when the going gets tough. You can support each other or just go out for some shopping or a drink. Relax together, have fun together. So really being able to spend some time with your friend(s) will obviously be better than having contact by e-mail, chat, phone… BUT not being able to connect with your friend(s) is even more horrible! So don’t get me wrong, I am glad when I am able to chat with friends who don’t live close by. But I do prefer eye-to-eye contact because it’s less “digital”. I would almost write: because it’s more real. Of course chats are real to, but well… I am not sure how to really explain it, but I do hope everyone who reads this can relate and understand. If not, you know how the comments work. And remember: respectful and decent comments are welcome.

TTNF (ta-ta for now, something Disney’s Tigger always says)

It is time to prepare dinner now. While storm “Xynthia” is blowing over the Netherlands and Belgium, while the wind gushes with over 100 km/hour (I walked with the dog just an hour ago, I could almost fly haha, but the dog needed to go…), we still need dinner. I am looking forward to your comments. Thanks for your interest 😀 And remember: I’ll be be back 😉

~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Chatting, talking and more”

  1. I only really have two close friends and many close internet friends and many other friends in the WWW! Most of my old school friends have long since moved on and moved away. Hopefully when university starts I might make new friendships. I of course made new friends in college but I’m still a little isolated because I’m living in a different town to most of the others. I often feel some people who follow me on Twitter do so just to be nosey, they are not really friends anymore but more interested in ‘the crazy girl and how her crazy life is going’ I am not so sure on this now and slowly but surely I have begun to delete friendships like this, often they are old UK fans of you know who, they are no longer friends or people I respect or am close to, I have nothing in common with them and see no point in sharing things about my personal life with them! Lol

  2. That’s why I would really like to thank you for your honest and open comments here on my blog!
    I do have some close friends, but the thing is, they don’t live close… How I wish… Since chatting with them is fun, by phone as well, but I’d rather share a cup of tea together *wink*
    I also have these “friends” and Twitter followers… I don’t care… I used to, but now it seems I’ve become numb about that…

  3. I have previously stated that there is some inherent value to physically being with someone. I can’t explain it either, but I find it extremely important.

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