A lyric?

A dear friend came to me today, telling me he wrote music to a wordless song. And seeing I have provided him with words before, he told me what his thoughts were while writing the music.

It was ALL I could relate to and within minutes, I was writing away. And when he read it, I saw some tears dwelling up in his eyes. I hit the bullseye and he wondered how I did it so fast… Just read it and I guess you know how…

I will post the words here, PLEASE respect them and don’t use it for anything without my permission!!!
RESPECT 😉 Thanks!

The depression

The lie I am living, this performance I am giving
Wearing my smiling mask with pride
No one who knows the weight I carry
That is pressing on my heart and shoulders
I am going on, chin up high
But I’d rather stand still crying

The problems I drag along with me
Slowing me and my happiness down
I feel like I am crawling on all fours to keep going
But to everyone else I’m still walking strong
Everyone thinks this is where I belong
But I’d rather lie down and keep crying

I could be starring in the biggest box office hit film
I would win every Oscar and Emmy there is
Since my performance is really breath taking
It is the second life I need to live
It is who I would rather be
This is the me I want everyone to see

But late at night I can take off my mask
And end the performance of the day
I can be who I really am but all I want to do is sleep
So I get undressed and ready for bed
Sleeping more and more each day
Dreaming into my wonderland where all is OK

In my dreams my life can be
Everything I would like it to be
No bad days that lead up to long nights
And the nights is all I long for now
Wishing I could sleep again
To be happy in my dreams again

Every morning I can’t get up, I sleep more with every night
The smell of coffee doesn’t do for me what it used to
I drag myself out of bed, shower and get dressed
Only to feel like I’m ready for bed
Ready to dive in once again and dream of a better world
Where I can be who I want to be and no one else

So with the slightest disappearance from the sun
I find myself an excuse to get ready for bed again
It’s dark so it must be night soon
Dreamland get ready because here I come
Laughter and fun, this is where I belong
This is where I want to stay, never wanting to wake up again…

© Lonely Wallflower, March 1st 2010


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 1, 2010.

One Response to “A lyric?”

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