Poetry and writing

I love to write and when my mind lets me, I also love to write poems. Lately, I have been writing a few lyrics (or ideas for lyrics) for a dear friend of mine. I mentioned him before, in the “A lyric” post.

I wanted to share some more of these poems. But, since I do not know if my friend wants to use them for his music and band, please do RESPECT the poems. If you want to use them for personal use, please contact me by sending me a comment.
ALL poems are © Lonely Wallflower, February 2010.

A feeling

Looking around, I see only me
And I am scared and so confused
I feel all alone, without you by my side
It’s a feeling I am not used to
A feeling I never want to get…used to

I miss the time when our hearts beat as one
When the life we lead was pure and true
I miss everything I was and I had
When I was together with you

Looking around, only darkness surrounds me
There’s not a sparkle of light to be seen
I feel so abandoned, you are not by my side
It’s a feeling I’ll never get used to
A feeling I hope will leave…soon

I miss the time when our thoughts were as one
When our love was still pure and true
I miss how it was and how I felt
When I was together with you

Looking around, a single star shining bright
That captures a sparkle in my eye
A feeling of hope, of you at my side
It’s a feeling I’d thought I had lost
A feeling I thought that had gone…till now

I miss the time when we were as one
When all around us was pure and true
I miss every little thing that we shared
When I was together with you

Looking around, will I find what I’ve lost
Will it ever be as it was
A feeling of sadness, a feeling of joy
All these feelings that are so strong
Feelings that we all have…all along the way

The essence

As I take one step, slowly after the other
As I explore the universe, day in and out
As I try to live up to everyone’s expectations
I learn about life and the universe

As I walk through the desert
As I swim through the oceans
As I am on a challenge
To challenge myself and my believe

What is the meaning, the essence of it all?
Will I learn how to fly or shall I simply fall?
Will my journey take me to where I need to be?
Or should I simply follow and in the end I’ll see?

As I breathe, so shall I live
As my heart beats, so shall I thrive
As my thoughts talk to my subconsciousness
So shall I try to be

The essence of my being
The knowledge that feeds me
The thoughts on really living
What is, that shall be

As I experience love, I shall experience hurt
As I learn about pain, more stronger I will become
As I take my steps, every day a few
That’s the way I shall be seen by you

The real me

I’ve lived a thousand secrets
I’ve worn my mask with pride
I’ve always felt the real me
Should be a secret and hide

You’ve never seen the real me
Not that I didn’t want you to
But I was scared that you would
Not know what to do

The real me, is hidden
You see what I want you to
If only, I could trust you
I’d feel better too

The real me, who am I
Someone help me please
I need a cure so I can be
Released from my decease

What is real, what is a fantasy?
What is an act, who is the real me?

How can trust be build
When there is no feeling of guilt
When your life is already fulfilled
When you feel like it’s just started

The real me, deep inside
Looking for reasons to hide
Looking for reasons to fight
To let in that lovely light

That is all for now 🙂
Have a nice day everyone 😀

Since I like many quotes made by Dale Carnegie, I will add another “Wisdom quote of the day”:

“Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation.
Your character is what you really are while
your reputation is merely what others think you are.”


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 2, 2010.

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