Tuesday, the second day of the month

I am back again for another blog post/update.

Today, the second day of the week and the second day of the month has, so far, been a good one. My GF had a big headache last night so I told her it would be wise to call in sick at her internship today and feel better tomorrow. Working with a huge headache is never fun and would be devastating. She listened to me and I hope she is feeling better now. I think she is, so it was a wise decision. And then tomorrow, she can make a fresh start at her internship without her eyes pounding too hard to work and/or think…

My/our BF got up earlier. He had some work to do. So working means getting up. When he went, we were still in bed. My GF and I had another long talk last night, when she came home from work. It was past 2 a.m. before we finally went to bed. But I must admit, all the talking helps. It helps me to understand her (and myself at times) better and I really hope it will help her to understand me. So this morning we took it easy. We talked some more while lying in bed and it all felt so much better. For the first time in ages I felt a little bit of myself coming back to me. And even is it was just for a short while, even if it was just a teeny weeny winy bit… It felt good. And I know I will have to take this step by step. I know I don’t have to rush things. If I try too hard, I will only end up feeling down once again because I have set my expectations too high.

Imagine Journal by Peter Pauper PressSince my old fashioned journal (still using pen and paper) was getting full lately, I haven’t written in it for a few days. Too scared that, if I got on a writing streak, I would run out of paper before I run out in thoughts. So I have ordered a new one. I am guessing it will be delivered tomorrow. So then, it’s back to the old fashioned writing. In my journal, I do write in my own native language. But when I am online, I really prefer the English one. Even though I am making it hard at times because I know what I want to express but can’t always find the right words. And in my journal, I can. I can almost hear you say: “Well DUH! Of course it is easier in your native language.” Well, you are right. But I also want to learn/improve my English. And so far, watching English TV shows and movies with (if possible) English subtitles… Reading English books… I have been reading English books ever since I was 8. I started out with Beatrix Potter books 😉

Ah well. I will be very happy when the new journal arrives. And I must admit, writing here, to all of you out there willing to read this, it helps. Even though I haven’t gotten any comments yet, it helps. And I am grateful that the internet & WordPress.com give me this great opportunity. And I am grateful for the TTL community that I have recently joined (see my links).

Ah well, back to today. So my GF and I stayed in bed till it was almost noon. We talked, cried, talked… It helps me, really, it does me so much good. To hear some of the things my GF told me. She even got me crying because I realized, just like that while talking, how much I love her. How much she means to me. Around noon we finally got up and I made us brunch. When we finished eating, we wanted to take a walk with our sweet dog (that reminds me, she needs a walk right now too, whoops!). And we needed groceries. We got ready and went by our neighbor first, told him our plan and then it was the three of us. First a walk and then food and drinks. We have a really good connection with our neighbor, we have been good straight from the start. I know he is planning on moving out soon if he, like me, is unsuccessful in finding a new job soon. I would really hate to see him leave. I know we can and will stay friends if he has to leave. But I so hope he will be successful and find a good job and he;ll be able to stay our neighbor.

I will have to get out now to walk with our dog. So I will post this (small) blog now and I will get back later. All in all, I have had a good day so far. Something I didn’t expect but is always nice if it comes along.

Thanks again for your interest! Take care and know there is always someone out there who is willing to lend an ear or shoulder when you need it. TTFN folks!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 2, 2010.

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