Working on a sweaty body

Hello all, here I am again.

Someone once told me that it helped her a lot to work out when she felt down. She did say it was hard at times to get started, but when she finally was on the move, it felt good. So well, I haven’t been in the mood to go to the gym (even though I am still paying for it, the weight gain I have experienced lately made me a bit more insecure about myself and my body) BUT we do have a Nintendo Wii™. We only had the normal “Wii Fit” and it was fun. BUT due to the hip troubles I have had and all the surgeries that came with it, there were many things I am not able (yet) to do. And it started to get a bit more boring.

Ever since the last surgery I have had, where I have gotten my metal hip, I have gained weight. I used to weigh around 70 kilo’s  (sorry for the people who are accustomed to LBS and all, I have NO idea what my weight is other than in kilo’s). But after the surgery and now still, I weigh approx 80 kilo’s. And that considering that I should weigh around 67 kilo’s…. I wasn’t happy with the 70, I thought I was fat then… Now I weigh 79,7… The only plus is that my boobs have grown too… 🙂 The minus is that my belly, thighs and @$$ have grown with it… 😦 So I need to lose weight. But when you feel down… All you (I) wanna do is: eat! Enjoy the taste of delicious food and chips and all. And while you are finally enjoying the pleasure of food…your weight is enjoying it a bit less…

I did lose a bit of weight when I was working. I was on my feet all day and it kept me busy. But when I lost my job (over 3 months ago) I gained weight once more. I want to lose it, but not (yet) at the gym. I decided to buy less chips. I thought that would help. But so far, not too much. The weather has been too bad to have nice walks or ride my bike. I am a bit too over protective when it comes to my metallic hip, too scared something will go wrong with it, and so, with me. So for nice walks and bike rides, I would like some sun 😀 I guess that’s something many people can agree on. When the sun is out, it doesn’t even need to be 20°C or so, grabbing your iPod and bike and riding away can be quite relaxing. But that didn’t work out so far, hoping it will very very soon…

So it was back to my small weights (2 kilo’s each), elastic bands and the Wii… The almost boring Wii Fit with not too much exercises I could do…

Then my mum and my GF and I went to a big shopping market. There were two Nintendo stands as well. With one of them, they had the Wii EA Active on sale (50% off store price). My GF and I watched it for a while and decided to buy it. If I had to sit at home, I might as well give myself something useful to do.

Wii EA Active packageThe next day, my girlfriend and I went to a games store. There I bought the Wii Fit Plus. We already had the board and all, so I only needed the “game” variant.

Wii Fit Plus So there we are, ready to go! Or, when I am alone: here I go 🙂

There are days where I am eager to get working. But those are mostly the days when I am home alone. So I can do what I want, when I want it… Seeing I liked the old steps program on the Wii Fit, I did it often. You could start it for 30 minutes and in the mean time watch TV. The stepping rhythm could be heard through the Wii remote. So I would set up a DVD and start stepping while watching an episode of J.A.G. or Star Trek Voyager or Law & Order: SVU. (for example, there are many shows I love to watch). But after doing that for several times a week, the exercise seemd kinda lame. The Wii Balance Board just wasn’t high enough to really work out with it…

So when I saw this Thrustmaster Elite Extension Pack… I was bummed that I didn’t have the money for it. And then my mum decided to buy it for me…

Wii Elite Fitness Extention pack

It was really SO sweet of her to do… I haven’t used the extra weights yet, but the set to make my Wii Balance Board higher WOW, you really feel a difference. It is harder now, more difficult, more fun 😀

I am not always very motivated to get working out. Last night, my GF and I used the special mode that EA Active offers: to work out together, WOW THAT WAS FUN!!! So we made a promise to each other to do it more often, seeing it is really good for the both of us. Not that she needs to lose the weight… I wish I could give her a bit of mine. Ow no, she had a nice weight now and a body that makes me wanna… ***** (censored 😀 ).

So now, we make plans to work out together. First, each of us does our daily training to complete the “30 day” thingie (sorry, can’t remember the correct name at the moment). Sometimes, that might already been done in the afternoon (when she is free of work/school and I have found the energy to get myself moving). And other times, it needs to be done in the evening. When I do my own work out after 11 P.M. it really is good 🙂 It helps me get a good feeling about myself once the workout exercises are completed. And when I have been working hard, it’s a bit easier for me to fall asleep.

Just one of the video’s I have found on YouTube™ and wanted to share with you all. If you would like to see more video’s, just use the search function on 🙂

And to end this sportive post, I will (of course) share another “Wisdom quote of the day”:

“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone …
and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life
and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.”

Sandra Day O’Connor


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Working on a sweaty body”

  1. […] I guess I will read up some more. And my GF wants me to do some Wii EA Active exercises with her soon. It will be good for me. But it’s always such a drag to get me started. When I am started, many times, I want to overdo it. Just because working up a sweat is a very positive thing in my vision. I need to work on me, myself and I. And not just mentally… I have written a post about it a while ago. If you wish to read it, follow this link. […]

  2. Hmm that’s quiet interessting but to be honest i have a hard time seeing it… I’m wondering what others have to say….

  3. Well, it is hard for me to get started, but when I finally am on it, and I complete the training, it does give me a pleasant feeling. And at times, such a feeling can be really comforting! But I am curious to other reactions. Thanks for commenting!

  4. […] Wii “games”. I have mentioned this before in an older blog post, which you can find here. But it is just so hard to get started every time. Once I am motivated enough, I will be able to go […]

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