A lost path

This is a poem I have just written. I have also uploaded it to the TTL community forum. Please click on the “Continue” to be able to read the whole poem. Comments are welcome. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night!
A lost path

I need assurance
I need love
I need guidance
I need all the above

I long for a gentle touch
To feel the summer’s breeze
I long for it too much
I’m almost begging, please

I can’t believe in myself
I can believe in pain
I can’t believe in positives
I can believe in vain

All I really long for
All I really need
May still be small and unseen
Like unplanted seed

Maybe I need to wait
Maybe I need to search and find
But it may take me
More than just some time

But then from an unseen path
Came a friend in need
The way we have to follow
May be more merry indeed

It’s still a long way
Before I reach my goal
But now, I feel safe
More confident than all

Thank you for being here
You know if I mean you
Thank you for seeing my fear
And slowly helping me home

© Lonely Wallflower, March 5th 2010


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 5, 2010.

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