Why why why?

What did I do? What didn’t I do? Why do I feel so mad, so sad and so f*cked up? I feel like it’s my fault. I know I am not really to blame. But there are so many ways in which I can accuse myself of wrong doing…

OK I guess this needs an explanation.

Yesterday, I promised my parent’s dog that he was allowed to plat with ours. Things went a bit different and because of that, the plan would fall through. But I was allowed to borrow him and he would go home on Saturday morning. This afternoon we, my GF and our neighbor, were walking with the two dogs. We were on our way home when there was another dog approaching. We know both dog and owner. And for no appearant reason, the other dog grabbed my parent’s dog in his neck and started shaking. This dog is a mix of Sheppard and Labrador…my parents own a dachshund. So it was not fair at all. The little dog was behaving and gets slung around and it was so sad.

We went home, first I carried him and then my GF took over. We only saw one cut in his neck. So we called our own vet and we were told to come over. Out neighbor went along too. It was so sad… I drove and my GF made a comment about blood from the bottom of his neck. When we arrived at our vet, the small dog was brought in for an examination. He did have a small cut on the top of his neck. And then the assistant shaved the bottom of his neck. And when I saw that hole… I feel so bad for taking the dog with me yesterday. He has to get stitches and needs to be sleeping before they can put those in. They would call me when he’s ready to go home. Only I couldn’t figure out if that would still be this evening.

I feel so bad for him. Because of me, because I brought him along, he needs stitches and is in pain. Why?!

I am so sorry… I feel so stupid.

And mad at the other dog’s owner for not doing anything… NOT a SINGLE thing while his dog was trying to sling the dachshund around and around…

I am sorry….


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Why why why?”

  1. You have every right to be mad, the other dog owner was damn right irresponsible, he should have intervened and called his dog off or stepped in. I do hope your parents dog will be okay.

  2. Thanks *hugs*
    I know it wasn’t really my fault, but you know how you react to stuff (like this, for example) when you are depressed…
    I do hope with all my heart that it will be OK in the end for the little Dachshund…

  3. […] Ever since last week’s Friday (the attack on the sweet, small Dachshund, check blog “Why why why?“) I keep seeing his little body being flung around. Like he’s a small toy that needs to […]

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