The first day of spring!

Or so it felt. It really was a wonderful day here, the best in months! And I know it isn’t officially spring yet, but it truly felt like it already was today. I really used the sun to feel good today.

Such lovely weather. So many mixed feelings. I tried to ignore them all. I didn’t want them to allow to rule. I wanted to enjoy the sun. The warmth these beautiful rays of light deliver to your face. The wind that blows through your hear, and finally it doesn’t feel cold. It felt like a real springs breeze (not warm enough for summer yet). Seeing the weather forecast had surprised us yesterday with the good news of sun and around 17 degrees Celsius, we already had made plans. And of course we were hoping that we could go through with them, we were hoping the sun would really shine on us today.

This morning I decided I would take a lovely bath. Soak in the hot weather and enjoy it to the max. No worries, just me, my bubbles and rubber ducky and of course, the hot steamy water.

After that, our GF and I walked a small round with our dog because we needed some groceries and she needed a toilet break. After walking and shopping, we went home to enjoy some lunch. After lunch, we got on our walking boots and got ready for a longer walk with the dog. She didn’t mind and seeing the weather was lovely, we didn’t mind as well. Because it was really nice and warm in the sun, we decided to make a little detour so that our dog could take a swim in the river near us. There were a few seats available there too as well, so she and I have enjoyed sitting for a while while the dog was swimming and jumping through the water. She enjoyed it greatly and so did we. Our GF started to write a new blog post for her blog. It’s been like 5 months since she last updated it, so she had enough to mention. I e-mailed a friend I met at the TTL board with some updates. After a while, the sun was starting to hide time and again behind the clouds, so we decided it was time to head back home.

When we arrived home, we found out we needed some more groceries from a different store, so we kept our walking books on, grabbed a backpack and headed towards the store. This time, we left the dog at some. She was tired and fulfilled for the time being. The backpack became a bit heavier than I expected, but it wasn’t a long walk so it went OK. I was glad though when we arrived home and the backpack went of.

After that, we dropped the boots and enjoyed a DVD. Slowly our BF and I were prepping our dinner. It tasted very good and I was quite hungry from our long walk. And now, I am siting on the couch with my laptop, watching TV and typing this post. The dog is on her special couch blanket (she is only allowed couch time if she brings us that blanket to lay on), she is laying next to our GF who is still working on her blog post.

I will search for a nice wisdom quote of the day and then start a blog about all that happened yesterday. I wanted to have a separate post for all that I did yesterday.

Ow, if people are wondering how to reach the password protected posts, please check this link.

“They say a person needs just three things
to be truly happy in this world:
someone to love,
something to do,
and something to hope for.”

Thomas Edward Bodett

~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 18, 2010.

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