…all my troubles seemed so far away…

Well, to be honest, there were some good and some bad moments. I had a major headache in the morning. It was hard (because of that headache) to get out of bed). I had a job interview in the afternoon. I was going to make dinner for the 3 of us and our neighbor. And the 4 of us would go to see “Alice in Wonderland 3D“. After that, there was walking the dog and watching DVD movies involved… So sit back, have yourself a nice cuppa next to you and read on…
As you might have read in the password protected post “Jealousy during…”, I didn’t gave a good start of a good night’s rest.  When I woke up, the first time, I had an awful headache. I felt really bad and just didn’t want to get up yet. My head felt like it was too heavy for my neck and my shoulders. I didn’t need to get up yet, there was still time, so I turned around, closed my eyes and tried to rest and sleep some more. I was hoping that, when I would wake up again, the headache would be gone. I had my first read job interview in 3 months, so it was very important to me. I didn’t need headaches. I didn’t want them. I was nervous already. I was scared that I would f*ck up. I knew it was important to me. I needed rest in my head, so I could feel more as ease during the interview. My GF went with me, although she stayed in the car while I had my talk. I really have mixed feelings about how it went. I so believe and think I didn’t do good. I don’t believe they will call me back for a second interview.

After the interview, we went home again. My GF and I took out the dog. We brought along her favorite big “tennis” ball (it looks like one but it is as big as a soccer ball, only not as heavy). We played a while with her, there was some sun which made it even better. After a while, we went back and decided that it was time to start preparing dinner. While we were working on cutting the ingredients, our neighbor popped in. Together we prepped it all and then I started cooking the meal. It was something I had never made so I was really hoping it would taste well. And well, it tasted almighty! It was really, really delightful and everyone said they loved it as well.

After dinner it was time to rush to the cinema. It would be the first movie in what seems like ages for me. I never really liked the “normal” version of Alice in Wonderland. But I LOVE Tim Burton movies, so I had to see it. And I am glad I did. The chairs were crabby and they didn’t even have nice, fresh popcorn (BIG downer!) and the glasses you needed to wear were VERY heavy. I normally try to pick the lightest, affordable, Polaroid sunglasses because else I get headaches from wearing the glasses (instead of getting headaches from the sunlight). And these 3D glasses are definitely not lightweight. But the movie was delightful and I really had a good time.

When the movie was over, we went home. Our BF did the dishes while the 3 of us walked with the dog. We walked for about 40 minutes, we had been sitting long enough on the crappy chairs in the cinema. When we arrived back home, the dishes were done. I warmed up some cans of Wieners and we put in a nice movie on DVD. With some beers, wines, the warm Wieners and chips we had fun. Our BF went to bed first. Around 2:30, our neighbor went home and around 3, everyone was in bed. All went well and after a while, I fell asleep.

So that’s all about Wednesday folks.

“To live exhilaratingly in and for the moment
is deadly serious work,
fun of the most exhausting sort.”

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 18, 2010.

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