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Old WorldPeter Pauper Press, Old World Journal

Last night, after writing and writing, I finally wrote on the final page of my first journal. I started writing in that journal on December 23rd 2008. I was reflecting back on all that had happened during 2008. I have started writing many times in several journals. And after a while, I lose interest or lack the time to sit down and write (and I don’t force myself to make time free for it)… In 2009 I wrote a total of 3 pages in that journal! The first half is my reflection of 2008 and the other half is all I wrote ever since February 2nd 2010.

Peter Pauper Press, Imagine Journal

I know I have posted an image from my new journal, but I wanted to share it with you once more. Maybe this evening, I will grab my fountain pen and start writing again. More of my wicked thoughts, feelings and swinging emotions. More of what I think about stuff that’s going on around me. How stuff seems to touch me in my silly world.

There are many things that I am writing about in my journal. And some things I will be mentioning in posts that are still to be written here. I have to rearrange some thoughts, so I do it on paper first and when I think I finally am ready to share it with the world wide web, I will post it here.

But for now, a new journal is awaiting the scribbling of my fountain pen. For now, dinner preparations start calling my name, so I will post this here, OK will search for a nice quote first and then: dinner time.

Ta-ta for now dears! *hugs* LW

“If a writer knows enough
about what he is writing about,
he may omit things that he knows.
The dignity of movement of an iceberg
is due to only one ninth of it being above water.”

Ernest Hemingway


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 24, 2010.

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