Occupy my mind, occupy my soul, occupy my life

Hello folks,

as I mentioned before, I am trying to keep myself busy. Even if I don’t really want to, I am pushing myself to go on. I need to keep busy, I need to have something to do. While cleaning up the front room, as I wrote about a few days ago, I found many old negatives of our BF’s parents, well, late parents. I have tried to put them all together, seeing they were very messed up. I still haven’t gotten them all sought out but still, working on it. Scanning them, putting them together in a big folder… Keeping myself busy…
So I am going through all these old negatives. Some bring back memories of stories I’ve been told. It’s strange seeing our BF’s parents while they were still so young and all.
I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but my BF (now he’s ours, haha) and I met in May 1998. In January 2000, his father died a sudden, unexpected death. His mother was diagnosed with skin cancer and she was getting worse. He and I took care for her, together with professional help seeing she wanted to die at home. We have made sure that her wish was met and so she died in February 2001.
So I have heard some stories of the “early days”, stories about things that happened, stories about the previous pets they owned. It is nice to see some of these memories and stories “come to life” through the pictures/negatives. The only negatives/pictures I disliked were the ones were our BF’s ex is on. I really can’t stand her and her miserable excuse of a face… The way she has behaved towards me when my BF and I met was just hideous and disrespectful. I have told our BF that I did find some of those ex pictures. I would scan them, at the latest. Just because I need my scanner some more and I don’t want it getting all freaked out because of her ugly face. He actually had to laugh about it. He said he was grateful enough for me scanning all these memories for him, so that did give me a good feeling šŸ™‚

There is so much I would like to do, and when I feel up to it, I would love to do it all in the same time. I, for example, now want to start writing in my new journal, I a, scanning negatives, I am writing this post and I am uploading some pet pictures to my Photobucket account so I can use them at the TTL board and maybe here on this blog site as well.
So I can change in between adding photos to Photobucket, scanning negatives to my hard drive and typing this post. So the only thing I really wanted to do as well but can’t do right now is writing in my new journal. Ah well, I guess I can’t have it all…

Tomorrow I will help out a friend on a job in the afternoon. Really looking forward to it. Gives me something useful to do outside of the house. *yay*

This afternoon, ow wait, yesterday afternoon, our BF and I went to the water with our dog Chance. It was 18 degrees Celsius and we decided that she was allowed a nice swim. We didn’t make pictures, so I will share a nice one from last year. Just click on it to see it a bit bigger.


Ah well, I guess I can reach my “goal” by sharing this post now and then writing just a wee bit in my journal before bed time. Ta-ta for now folks!

“Between the covers of the books
that no one had ever read again,
in the old parchments damaged by dampness,
a livid flower had prospered,
and in the air that had been the purest and brightest
in the house an unbearable smell of rotten memories floated.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 25, 2010.

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