Working in the garden

Easter EeyoreSecond day of Easter, nice weather here,so got to work in the garden!

I know the temperature is in Celsius on the graphic. But I wanted to include it. In the sun and out of the wind that was blowing slightly, it felt like 18 degrees Celsius instead of the 10.2 you see on the image. The “Real Feel” temperature, as different weather sites are now calling it.

Anyway… So I got up around 9:30 AM. I know it was early and I would have preferred to sleep just a wee bit longer, but unfortunately, that was not in the package for me today. So I got up, got dressed a bit and went downstairs to feed Chance. I grabbed my Journal and managed to write 4 Weatherpages. I wanted to write more, but then the BF, who had gotten up as well, came back with Chance from her morning walk and I didn’t feel comfortable writing while he was around. So then I switched on the DVD player and TV, I put in a new DVD from the Friends boxset (I had the old boxset and my GF bought me the new version of it, whoop whoop!) , the last one of season 1, and then I went to the TTL forum.  I made some posts there and then I made myself some Muesli brunch. After a while, the sun came out and I decided it would be nice to work in the garden for a while. Seeing our neighbor was home as well, I texted him if he could help us out.

After a while he arrived and together with our BF they cut down the branches of a big tree that was blocking much light from out garden. BF was mocking a bit at first because he had some other things to do as well. But he gave in and helped with the chain saw. When he was done, the neighbor, let’s call him C. from now on (want to keep him anonymous as well). But C. sounds better then referring to “the neighbor”, it sounds a bit more personal, or at least I think so. So when the BF went on with his work that he needed to finish before tomorrow, the 3 of us went to work in the garden. It’s not done yet, but it’s looking so much better now than it did yesterday. Thanks to C., the GF and myself of course. Chance enjoyed it too, playing with the branches that we cut off, running through the garden, re-arranging the branches that we had just put in the right place… Chance was a big help, haha! But after about 2,5 hours we had enough of it for today, we were all pleased with the result (BF included). To be continued…

Oma's PannetjeAnd now I am writing this blog post, posting a bit on TTL and chatting with a dear TTL friend on AIM. When this post is finished, I will get ready to prep for dinner.
I will be making a dish called “Hollands Pannetje, Oma’s Pannetje: Champignon, prei met kip”.  For those of you who haven’t mastered the Dutch language yet, I will translate.
Dutch Sausepan, Grandma’s Sausepan: Mushroom, leek with chicken.
And the secret to the recipe: include some white wine instead of water 😉 OK, not use ONLY wine!!! I’m not that bad folks 🙂
So now we need to clean the mushrooms, cut them, slice them and then get on with the leek. Wash it, cut it as well and well, we also need to cut the chicken. Whoop whoop! How I love cutting the chicken… *not*

So well, it’s half past 5 in the afternoon here and I am getting hungry. Working hard in the garden and only eating brunch around 11 AM, I need food. So I’d better get my cutting board, chicken and knife and get cutting! GF will clean and cut the mushrooms and leek.

Have a nice day everyone!!!

“Keep love in your heart.
A life without it is like a sunless garden
when the flowers are dead.”

Oscar Wilde


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Working in the garden”

  1. Poor Chance gets no anonymity. 😉
    Thanks for the translation.

    • Chance and Brutus didn’t mind being mentioned in my posts. Chance LOVES all the attention anyway 😀
      You are welcome for the translation. It tastes really good too 😉

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