Beating the binge eating

Young ChanceHeya all! I know I have mentioned earlier, that at times, I can eat, eat and eat some more. Also known as “Binge eating”. And most of the time, I seek comfort in my food when I feel bad. Seeing I have been depressed for a few months now, there have been many times I “needed” comfort… And since my surgery back in October 2008, I have also gained weight. I couldn’t exercise and people always bring nice goodies along…which are delightful 🙂 But also calorie bombs… And all these toads have been leading up to me gaining about 14 kilo’s. And I really want to lose them. The only “positive” thing about me gaining the weight is…that I finally have boobs with a size that I like on myself 😀 But well, I also know that being overweight, even just the “little” bit I am, it’s bad for my prosthetic hip. So as I also wrote, GF, Chance and I went for a long walk on Sunday. We walked about 14 kilometers. I felt good about it. Seeing the 3 hours we were on our way walking, enjoying the scenery and playing with Chance, I have not been snacking! I felt good and no need to eat snacks. I only drank a bit. Yes, I was hungry when we came back and I did enjoy a good dinner. I know I still eat too much candy, grabbing too many calories. Since having no job, being home a whole lot, it is hard to stay away from all sorts of comfort food. I was already working on exercising on the Wii. But that comes and goes in flares. At times, I just can’t get enough and then…I had enough for a while. So now the weather is improving, I am trying to make more walks.
Young Chance

When I am walking, I can’t be eating.
When I am walking, I am enjoying myself and enjoying the weather.
When I am walking, I am improving my muscles and burning calories.

And now that GF and I cleared out and cleaned up most of the room where our exercise equipment is, I am also trying to push myself to use them more. I need to work on me. As working on me is, in a way, also a way to beat my depression. My depression tries to keep me away from things that I enjoy, things that can be good for me. So I will work on that. At times, I need to work alone, when BF and GF aren’t around. And when BF and/or GF are home and the weather is nice, I want to take a walk with either one of them, or both, and with Chance.

So this evening, BF and I took Chance for a walk. We went for a new walk, which was really nice. We walked for an hour. And when we came back, I decided I would ride the home exercising bike for a while. But when I am alone, it gets boring. And I didn’t want to listen to music while riding. So I took my laptop with me, put in a “Law & Order” DVD and watched an episode while I rode for 40 minutes. Still on level one, need to build up. Don’t want to strain any muscles. Need to build up persistence and a condition. In these 40 minutes, I rode 15,57 kilometer (almost 10 miles). So a neat average of  aprox 23 kilometers per hour. Not bad to start with. I do hope I have some time to watch the second episode tomorrow. Maybe trying level 2 then, to see how it goes. I can always tune it down to level one again.

Young ChanceThe only thing is, it is a very old bike. It is still very good and has many options. But… The saddle could have been better. After a while you really need to change the way you sit otherwise, your ass starts complaining. Or maybe it is only my ass, because of the two surgeries I have had where they sad to saw through my pelvis and turn it a few degrees over… Who knows?

As you can see, I have used only pictures of Chance in this post. All were made in September 2008, when she was 8/9 weeks young. All pictures were made during our walks, but they were short because she was still a young pup. I chose these pictures not only because Chance is so young and cute in them. But also because she “inspires” me at times to go out for a walk.

I want to lose weight. I don’t want to eat because it comforts me (or because it all tastes so good). I don’t need the urges to go binge eating. I want to look better, even if it means that I will also lose the boobs I have now (face it, those will be the first to down size, instead of my belly or my big behind).

I have searched for a wise quote on “persistence” today. With that, I will end this post for today. Thanks for reading. Thanks in advance for commenting!

“A little more persistence,
a little more effort,
and what seemed hopeless failure
may turn to glorious success.”
Elbert Green Hubbard


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Beating the binge eating”

  1. Watching a DVD while on the bike sounds like a great idea. Hope you don’t get saddle sores.

    • Ow the saddle sores is what my big behind may have to deal with. But I guess my behind will get used to biking (I hope, because it would mean I am holding on to working out). And if it gets too hard, I do have special biking shorts, so they should be able to help with that (or against it, just depends on how you’re looking at it).

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