Working out, second day

HealthBecoming more healthy. Yesterday I wrote that I walked with Chance and our BF for an hour and then did a 40 minute workout on the indoor bike.

Well, today we “only” walked for 35 minutes. But after that, I grabbed my laptop again and went back to the indoor bike. Another 40 minutes while watching a Law & Order episode on DVD. Still level one. Tomorrow I will do 40 minutes on level two. At least, I will make myself try out level two. If it is still too hard, I will switch back to level one. I think it’s better to work myself to the level than to push on and harm my body.

Today I managed an average of 24,06 kilometer per hour, seeing I reached 16,04 kilometer in those 40 minutes. Wonder what I will be able to reach when I raise the bar to level two…

So not too bad… Will keep you updated on how this working out goes on. I need to go on. I want to go on.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Working out, second day”

  1. Sounds great! The main thing is to be active – don’t worry right now about what level you are at. Good for you and keep it up!

  2. I think it’s awesome! I have Cyclothymia/use to work out all the time. That was before my diagnosis/I was on Effexor and no mood stabilizer…ohhhh the good ole days( atleast for me). Now I have no motivation. So, I say your doing great. Even a walk is great. Any activity is great. Good Luck/you should be proud of yourself!

    • Thanks Trish! I want to keep on doing it, even when my depression doesn’t want to do it. I need something to cling to, it might as well be positive for my body (and brain).

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