Working out, day 3 & 4

Bulls Comp 7.5 C DiscAloha dear peeps!

I know I haven’t written a post yesterday, but I have been busy. It was a relative good day. It was a long day… Got up at 8:30 and went to bed at 4:00 so well… But I haven’t forgotten about working out, and I have been working on it.

The weather was LOVELY for this weekend and I did my best to enjoy it to the fullest. Because of this lovely weather, I have been able to enjoy some reading in the garden. Which is a thing I LOVE to do! And instead of using the home-trainer bike) I have used my real bike.I tried to find an image of the bike I have, but because it’s an older model, I can only find an image of the newer, black edition. Mine is silver. Due to all the surgeries in 2006, 2007 and 2008, I haven’t been able to really enjoy the bike. I have had some great times where things went well and I could tour like crazy.

So yesterday, GF and our neighbor C. and I took out bikes early in the evening and we went for a smaller ride. We rode for almost 40 minutes in which we traveled 11,8 kilometer. Not a long distance, but C. injured his knee earlier this week and he was still recovering. So we took it easy and enjoyed the lovely weather and scenery.

This afternoon we, that is BF, GF and I, took our bikes and went for a ride as well. Since GF had to work this evening, we couldn’t risk riding too far from home. So we rode for a little over 1,5 hours. The weather was really so good for riding the bike and I enjoyed it to the fullest. In the end we traveled 29,5 kilometers. Not too bad. They were working on the bike paths so we had to check several route signs to know where we were and which route we needed to follow. So we couldn’t really set a high speed. That will come eventually.

So in two days, I rode over 41 kilometers 😀 That is a good thing. And hopefully the weather will allow me to enjoy yet another bike ride then. I prefer the real bike to the home-trainer. But I also love watching a DVD while working on a sweat.

But I will try to keep myself motivated. I want to work on my condition. I want to work on my body and looks. I need to lose weight as well. If I can achieve this goal, if I can push myself to really keep working on this… It would be a positive thing in my life.

I am still awaiting a call from the new shrink. Or from a co-worker from someone that works there. I need to be “screened” and all. My GF’s GP has referred me to this instance. She knew about the long waiting lists for the instance where I was on that waiting list and she knew a faster way to get help. As I have mentioned in several previously written blog posts. She said they would contact me by phone. I did miss an “unknown” caller last Friday in the end of the afternoon. I have no idea whether that was a worker from that instance or not. I would love to receive help. I am even open for medication if it would help me beat these awful headaches, these horrid mood swings and everything else that is part of my depression. I think I am ready for a real diagnose. I simply can’t believe I am “just” depressed. I want help, need help. I want to be able to enjoy my life again, as I have enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend.
But it is hard to feel this f*cked up and not being sure why I feel this way and what I can do to overcome this feeling.

So well, I need help, I WANT help. I need to keep working out, I WANT to work out! I will keep you posted on my progression. I need a new wristband for my Polar M91ti watch soPolar M91ti I can also monitor my heart-rate and calorie burning in the process. But because I have small wrists, the band tears easily. I have used up 2 bands now and I need a new one. Seeing it is a good watch and it was quite expensive when I bought it (though they have MANY awesome new models out with so many cool options on them). I would love a new one, but this one is still good. And I barely have the money for a new band, so I would never be able to afford the watch I love (seeing I have quite expensive taste). Ah well, I just send an email to the Dutch Polar service, hoping I can still order a new wristband for this watch. I can use a simple heart-rate monitor from my GF, it’s a Polar as well but less extended (she got it for free after she had already bought one she preferred more so she doesn’t use the free one). So I want to be able to use this watch again. I also love the way the screen works, black with white numbers. As you can see on this site, I love this combination.

“When you face your fear,
most of the time you will discover
that it was not really such a big threat after all.
We all need some form of deeply rooted,
powerful motivation,
it empowers us to overcome obstacles
so we can live our dreams.”

Les Brown


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Working out, day 3 & 4”

  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend 🙂 Riding and all types of exercise are good with depression as the endorphins (or endolphins as I like to call them) make you feel happy. I hope you will not be on the waiting list for too long 🙂

    • Yes Lalio, the weekend has been good for me. And I LOVE dolphins 😉
      And I also hope the waiting list will shorten quickly.
      Let’s keep working with these Endolphins, shall we 😀

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