It’s Saturday

Working out kittyJust a short update for now. I just did another work-out and even though my headache was objecting, I managed to ride for 45 minutes on level 3 (*yay* me!)! I still love to work out. I love the feeling it gives me. I hate that it’s so hard at times to push myself in the right direction. I know I’d rather sit on the couch and relax. But I need to do this. And so far, this “need” hasn’t failed me (yet). Even when the headache is bad, I just take it down a step, ride a little less and still work out. I want to work out for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really feel as a “real” work-out. I know, silly me, silly mind. But I started working out in April 15th, started to watch closer to what I was eating (not really going on a diet), and this morning my scale told me I was/am 80,1 kilo’s. 2 weeks ago it told me 82,4… So That is a GOOD thing *yay*!I am really happy about this. I know I want to lose more weight, but I am hoping that will become easier once my body is more used to exercising. When my body had a bigger need of daily energy/calories and it will burn more of them in the progress. I know I am really looking forward to the convention next week, but I am also kinda bummed that I can’t work out during these days. Of course, walking, standing, queuing and all will keep me busy and on my feet. I just hope it’s enough to go on with.

I am ready for a daily dose of TV. So I am sending this post to the world wide web. I will keep you updated on how I am doing, both physically and mentally. I will also keep checking links of fellow bloggers (check the “Interesting blogs” links).

I want to thank you for caring enough to read. I want to thank those dears who send me comments (the real ones, not the spammers) and wish me all the best. THANKS! It really means a lot.

Ta-ta for now possums!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “It’s Saturday”

  1. Well done on your weight loss, bet it felt good stepping on the scales 😀

    • It did feel good though I was scared that, with my work-outs, I had only build up muscle and not lost any weight. But it is a small step towards the right direction. Slowly going to the right side of the scale 😉 Thanks for your comment!

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