I am complicated


Today I finally met Dr. K. and Mrs. C. again. Apparently, I am complicated…

I am getting a referral to another institute where they will be able, according to them, to provide me with the care that I need. And I made an appointment with my GP, Dr. D. to get a referral from him to see a neurologist at a hospital. Because of my complications, it is too early and too hard to say if my MAJOR headaches come from my “complications” or from something totally else. So they thought it would be wise for me to make an appointment with my GP. Next week on Wednesday at 9 am I will see Dr. D. And I will have to explain it all and hope that he will agree to provide me with a referral. And then I need to make an appointment with the neurologist while I am also awaiting the new appointment at the new institute (with new people, *sigh*, I really felt comfortable with Mrs. C. and all).OK I can see how all this babbling might confuse you. So here’s my new to-do list for the next weeks:

  • Make an appointment with GP, Dr. D., to see if I can get a referral to see a neurologist
  • Call new institute on Tuesday to check if they got all my “old” papers and stuff OK
  • IF I get a referral next week Wednesday: make an appointment with a neurologist

And in the meantime I’ll just have to cope. Nothing they can do to help me yet… Yes, because I am so complicated. I have some major ADHD symptoms, some Autistic symptoms, some Depression symptoms, some personality disorder symptoms, some bi-polar symptoms (they didn’t call it bi-polar but a similar name to that)… I am just a big f*cked up mix…

Ah well, there is some good news though. I have talked with my/our GF last night and things are getting better now between us. It’s just hard to live with someone as “complicated” as me, I know. But at times I need an arm around me to show me I am not alone and at other times I really need to be left alone. And those moods can change faster than the blink of your eye! I do believe I have blogged about this not more than a week ago or so.

At this moment, my head bangs and I have a hard time to concentrate on my typing. I make many errors and my head is complaining. So I guess this will be a short update.

As soon as I feel better and/or know more, I will update my blog as well. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter 🙂

Have a nice day!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “I am complicated”

  1. I like the understated humour in this. I get the feeling it’s more that they don’t know how to label you than that you carry all those disorders on your back. It’s like a bloody lucky dip at times xx

  2. Hey you… Glad to see things are progressing and you and your GF are getting along better, it’s good to have some support! Take care x

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