A new day

Doggy noseLately I have been writing up small texts to put on my blog later on. As is part of this post. I started it last night. And I send the text I wrote then (while sitting on he loo… *sigh* the best time to write a post) to my laptop and now, I will continue it.

Todays post will contain information on how I am feeling lately, on my GP’s visit and also on well, anything that will pop up while I am writing. I can’t make any promises. Though I never have to promise or make apologizes… I can do like, what ever I want to here, and it’s still all OK. It’s my blog 😉

Of course, I do want to keep promises I make to all of you, my dear reader(s). And I want to keep it nice here. If I fear that my post “might run out of hand”, I will password protect it, as I have done before on several posts… Anywhoooo…. Let’s get to the real post then 😀

The night before…

…my appointment with my GP. It’s like my body doesn’t know how to behave anymore. I have been feeling nauseous since Monday. I have had some troubles with burping and farting (I know it’s gross!) because my tummy is feeling like it’s training for the Olympics. Every time I feel hungry. Then I eat, maybe at times a bit too much because I also tend to use food for comfort, then I get nauseous again… Some might call it something like Bulimia, but as far as I know, people suffering from this WANT to throw up (because they feel guilty for eating or because they feel that living with a too low BMI is a better way of life). But I hate throwing up. And now my tummy is acting up… I am not only feeling sick through vomiting, today, I also have experienced diarrhea. Ow the joy of it all…

I am not sure why my body is acting up the way it does now. Nerves about the GP appointment? Scared that he doesn’t want to refer me to see a neurologist? Scared that IF I do get the referral, that it might turn up to be nothing (so I am exaggerating to the world) or something bad… I know I have mentioned these things in a previous post and seeing I mention them again… It must mean that it is indeed important to me.

Well, according to my belly, it’s safe for me to get up from the toilet and head back to bed. In about 7 hours my alarm goes off. I almost want to make a bet here that I’ll be awake before the alarm goes off… It’s been like that for almost 7 months now… *sigh*

The day after the night before…

…I slept badly. I didn’t sleep enough to my likings. And I had to get up early as well because of that GP appointment. When we arrived at the GP, my appointment was at 9, we weren’t called in until 9:20. I hate it when the appointment time isn’t on time when it’s just 9 am. That’s why I make early appointments, so I (hope) I don’t have to wait for too long.

GP thinks there’s nothing wrong with my brain but he did permit a referral (I need to pick it up still) to see a neurologist. Better to be safe than sorry. And I have a small lump on my back which he will take off next week. It’s itchy and irritating. GP told me it will leave a small and ugly scar. I doubt anyone would notice seeing all these other scars I have that are much more “interesting to see”.

This is an old post which was hiding in my drafts box. Wanted to “share” it with you the way it is now.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on June 15, 2010.

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