Too many headaches

Hello all,

I know I haven’t been writing here in quite some time. I really want to and at times, it’s driving me nuts not being able to write here. But my headaches prevent me from sitting in front of a PC or laptop screen. The letters start to blur and I start to go insane. From now on, I will try to write small updates on my cellphone (I get less headaches from using that small screen) and then upload them to my PC/laptop. Then I can make updates of them to post here. The posts might be a bit older now and then, but at least there will be updates and posts. My head is killing me now, again. On July 1st I have my neurologist appointment. Because my GP thought I might be having these headaches due to longer use of painkillers (Diclofenacnatrium 50mg). So I haven’t been using them in 2 weeks. And now, my muscles ache as well and my headache is still present. So I guess my headaches have other reasons.

I will try to keep you updated. I really will try. I am sorry for being out of touch for a while. THANKS for your interest and thanks for checking up on my blog.

All the best, LW.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on June 15, 2010.

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