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As promised in my previous post, I will write a bit about my work. Those of you who have been following this blog know that I have been unemployed for quite a while. You have also read that I was taking it very hard. OK, when the weather was lovely and my loved ones were around, I felt OK. But it sucked not having a job, not earning any money, not having a place where I could release all the energy that was inside me. It made me feel more down and depressed. But, I already have blogged about that. Since there are more posts mentioning work, please use the tag clouds (work, job, etc.) to find the previously written posts. Thanks for your interest!Anyway… Work. Yes I am working again. I want to work full-time and I am working on getting there as well. After many months of applying for jobs (and never hearing a thing or getting rejected) I went to several employment agencies. I was tired of all the fruitless efforts I had been making all this time. So I was hoping there would be at least one employment agency who would be able to help me out. And that made a difference!

Although I was originally assigned to start the 13:00 shift (the full-time one), there was no free spot. So I moved back to the 16:00 shift. Not what I had in mind, but I decided to show my abilities and hopefully that would lead to me getting to the 13:00 shift.
The work is hard, but my mind loves it. My body needs to adapt though, it is not used to this heavy work. But as long as my mind is in it, my body will follow. Last week I was lucky enough to start at 13:00 on Thursday and Friday. I checked with one of my floor managers, L. I asked him if it would be possible to always start in the 13:00 shift, since I had really enjoyed it. He was very positive and said he would love to have me in that shift. He was positive about my work and also said the other floor managers were positive as well (as far as he knew). He would discuss it with them a.s.a.p. and if they went OK, they would inform my employment agency. So this week, I am keeping my fingers (and toes if necessary) crossed. I am really hoping that L. (or one of the other managers) will come to me and tell me the good news. I love to start at 13:00 and I need the extra hours. Well, I just need a full-time job. I need it to pay my bills and I need it so I can use all the energy I have in a good way! When I am at work, I feel good. I am doing something satisfying and after the positive reaction by L. last Friday, it just feels good.

I did leave a complaint with floor manager U. yesterday though. One of the co-workers, a male with an Arabic background/identity, S. kept bugging me and another female colleague. He had been bugging before and I just ignored it. But when he bugged me again (and he know he was wrong), the other female colleague G. was in the neighborhood. She commented him on his behavior. He gave both her and me a big mouth! So I talked to G. about it at the end of the shift and I went to U. I started by asking if I had learned it wrong, so he might be right after all. But before U. told me I was right about it, he knew who I was referring to! I guess G. also made a complaint bout S.’s behavior towards her to U. G. told me that S. has a direct contract at the job site, but only for 6 months. And after that, they will have a conversation with him about his work and all in order to see if he will get a new contract or not. If his contract won’t be renewed in a while, G. and I will throw a party (and I guess many -lady- co-workers will attend). I know I don’t even have a contract there, I am still employed though the job agency. But I think I deserve a contract more than S. does. I am helping my colleagues when needed, I don’t give big mouths to them… I am more social. Haha… So give me a darn contract already! 😉

Currently I am working as an oder picker and packer for a company that sells everything that has to do with computers. From sweet little mouses to huge servers and UPS back-ups. I like both the work. The picking uses a lot of energy because it’s mainly walking. I walk to all the locations mentioned on my order, pick all the necessary items on the list, bring it to a packing table to it can be made ready to send out to the customer and then it starts all over again. So much walking, but fun to do. When I am packing, I am receiving all the picked orders by my colleagues. I have to pack them neatly and check if all the items are correct by scanning them before packing them. So with packing, I need to be more concentrated. To be sure that I scan OK and that everything is safely and neatly packed before going to the customer.
So it’s not really mentally challenging, it is physically challenging. And it is work!

I will do my best, as I always do, and hope they will let me start at 13:00 soon. I even hope that it is possible for me to get a direct contract. That would make me feel even better! It would give me some security in a way. And it would show me that my work is truly appreciated.

Now you’re all up-to-date about my working experiences (so far). Thanks for checking in and please rate/comment when you feel like it!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on September 7, 2010.

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  1. The new job sounds like fun, tiring but fun… I always wondered who packed things that I ordered online. I’ll be thinking of you now next time something arrives in a big box and I open it and think ‘It’s packed so tidy and carefully!’.


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