Those eyes…that smile…

Someone asked me a while ago: “who’s ass do you like best?” It was a silly question, but at the time, it was the topic so it wasn’t as silly as it sounds now…

But I thought and thought and it was hard. I couldn’t come up with one (it was about co-workers while at work). And then I knew why it was so hard. I am not an “ass person”. I prefer to look at eyes and smiles. The right smile, a twinkle in an eye… That’s what does it for me. A nice ass would be good too, but without the smile/eyes, how ever perfect the ass may be, it won’t do it for me.Still that was hard to explain. For some reason, most people I talked to/with preferred to look at either asses, boobs or both… Yes, I had to admit, those two may be good second and third places. But eyes… Smiles…

Yesterday I’ve been talking to a dear friend on Skype. And now I know I am not the only one who prefers to look at someone’s eyes and/or smile first… But how come most people only look at a body and not at a face? Facial expressions say it all! And well, you will see the “naked” face more often than the boobs and/or asses of the person involved…

The right smile, the perfect twinkle in someone’s eyes can make me weak to the bone! Even though I have both BF and GF, I still will go weak with certain persons laughing towards me. Just because to me, those smiles are perfect.  But well…

Not sure why I wanted to blog about this. It just came up and needed some personal web space I guess…

So what do you prefer to look at and why? (please do comment, but no spam… I won’t allow it so it’s a waste of your time, as well of mine!).


~ by Lonely Wallflower on December 5, 2010.

One Response to “Those eyes…that smile…”

  1. I like a twinkle in the eye too, and a nice smile definitely does it for me! I don’t pay that much attention to bodies, and I hope people don’t pay too much to mine either.

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