The “new” me, update

Howdy folks!

Here I am again with the promised update. The rings I ordered came in as promised. I am very pleased with the quick service of this shop and I would recommend it for sure. I am sure it’s only interesting if you live in the Netherlands, but because I am so happy with their service, I will share the link with you all: All Over Piercings.

I think I know why I had some troubles with my first spirals. I now have 1,2 mm rings. They are advised to start with. The shop where I got the spirals (not going back there again, too expensive and bad service – used to go there but the ownership has changed and the “service” with it) sold me bigger ones. I am not sure if I can measure them accurately, seeing we’re dealing with millimeters here. But I will check it with a ruler and see what comes out. I am measuring the thickest part, as I believe that’s the size of it. 
WOW! As I measure it with my simple ruler, I see it’s 3 millimeters thick!!! That is why the 1,6 went in so smoothly… So maybe I can still use the spirals, but LATER on. The small wounds in my ears are healed and I want to take it easy… HOW can they sell me 3 millimeter spirals when almost ALL the websites I have Googled about it advise to start with 1,6 mm when you come from normal earrings… Had I known there were (probably, as the ruler isn’t that accurate for measuring like this) that big, I guess I would have started with 2 mm ones. So I guess I will wear these for two weeks and then maybe order one size larger than 2 mm. I’ve had 3 mm ones in me and these 1,6 ones went in without any trouble (or the need of a lubricant).

But I will have to wait ordering anything for now as I have no money. There was an error at the job agency and for some reason, I am not paid yet. Normally (ever since I started working for them in July last year) I get my wages on Wednesday afternoon. But now, still nothing. I had my contact on the phone this morning. She saw something went wrong. Then asks me if I need the money… Like I am a frakking millionaire that works just for the fun of it! Of course I need it! I have less than 3 euros on my bank account. I desperately need it! Then she tells me she will make an advance booking for me… WHAT advance? I already worked for it… So instead of just paying me the hours I have worked for, she tries to call me back around 14:30. Yeah! When I am working… And can’t pick up the phone… And then she texted me, asking me to call her back at the office… By the time I am done working, their office is closed already… So I will have to call tomorrow morning. On their website I still can’t see my worked hours from week 8. Week 9 has only one day to go so… FRAK ME! This isn’t fair… I need money for groceries. I need money… Otherwise I wouldn’t have to work….

*sigh* It makes me just sad. Why does this happen to me? Why do I have to be treated in this way? After many struggles, payments were finally going OK. And then this…

Ah well… I am now in doubt on what I will read before bed time. I have decided I wanted to read a bit and now I need to decide on what to read… I want to read one of my new books, but with my mind wandering as it is again lately, I’d better read something I haven’t read in ages… Leaning towards the Harry Potter books (English versions, of course) because I have seen the movies many times now (except of course for the last part, 7.2) and I would really like to read them again. So I guess I have decided then!

I will upload this post now and of course I will keep you posted on how things are going. With me and my earlobes… And if you hear excited shouting tomorrow, it might be me, being happy that I finally got my paycheck in!

Ta-ta for now everyone!

See you all later…

PS. to all the friends I used to comment on their blogs: I have been quite busy lately and even though I try to keep updated (I also check certain friend’ tweet updates), I won’t be posting many comments… Sorry about that, but it doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you!


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “The “new” me, update”

  1. Glad the order arrived, funny you should mention Harry Potter I found my old books the other day and was thinking how I would love to read them again – just for old times sake!

  2. Enjoyed the drama of delivery…but wish there could be a new “me”…went to a personal trainer to get in shape and it turns out they have to make me entirely into someone else! I do like your stories.

  3. Hi!
    First of all, you’re blog is amazing, and I admire you for writing it. I really believe that there is a way for all of us to find a way to live and something to believe in. I found my way in music, and that’s what’s keeping me alive. I’ve gotten letters from people telling me that they find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone, that they find comfort in my music and the fact that there are more sould out there who are struggling with there thoughts. Like I said, I admire you for writing this blog, and you’re not alone.
    If you get a minute over, please listen to my music at and tell me what you think!

    (I’ll Never Tell, Creepy Little Story and Stuck in my mind are all about the struggles with eating disorders and haunting thoughts)

    I hope you like it,

    the Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson
    I’m an organized mess. I can’t sleep at night. I believe in dreams. I make misstakes and I mess up a lot. I’m having some trouble accepting myself. I want to be better and I’m afraid of not being good enough. I believe in the future, for I have seen yesterday, and I’m still alive . I laugh a lot, and I’m easily amused, but also easily bored, mostly with myself. I have trust issues. Every now and then I fall apart. I’ve been trying to grow up, but it’s harder than you think. I might find out who I am, but never who I’m not. I dance in the rain, believe in fairytales, and when I really want something I can find a way to get it. I turn everything into a battle because I love the sound of winning. This is my way of saying, I did not come here to lose. I often lose track and find myself in the fall, but I believe it’s in the fall you learn how to fly. I moved and left everything I had built for 19 years. I learned how to build my home in my music. When I sing, I’m not scared anymore. I want this to mean something. I believe in writing your own story, and that’s what I’m doing here.
    I’m just a glass child. I’m still creepy little me.

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