Tests and quests

The tests and quests
you have to conquer
you have to succeed
to move on

The questions asked
you have to answer
you have to know
to look beyond

Every step you take
it leads you on a new way
bringing you to places
you’ve never dreamt of

The road unclear
you have to follow
you have to chose
left or right

The way unknown
you have to lead
yourself through
this tough life

Every step you take
brings you somewhere closer
to pain or happiness
all of these emotions

When you feel alone
just look deep inside
you know that I am with you
every step…

© LW, July 19th 2011 Rode roos

~ by Lonely Wallflower on July 19, 2011.

One Response to “Tests and quests”

  1. I wrote this after singer/song writer Bec Lavelle put a post on Facebook asking this:
    If you were going to write a song right now, what would it be about? What would you say through music, that perhaps words alone can’t express??
    A friend found my post here and soon she put it up on Bec’s wall, so I commented and now (of course) hope for a reply 😉
    Feel free to comment here as well folks!

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