It’s only time


the past is going nowhere fast
I don’t want this feeling to last
it surely wasn’t the best
time of my life

the future is so near from here
it’s a time that knows no fear
when I get there I’ll shed a tear
it’s the time of my life

the clock ticks on, the hours fade
until the day has gone away
night falls slowly, I stand in the shade
until the sun comes out to play
once more…

a minute can seem far away
the seconds are not here to stay
sixty minutes, an hour’s past
there goes some time of my life

you can never turn back time
so think before regret
if going back would cost a dime
think how poor you could get

the clock ticks on, the days fade
until a week has gone by
how much have you already paid
to turn back some time
once more…

time can play games with you
trick you as you go along
time itself is never the fool
it is your time, your life

it is only time one sings
and that may be right
you never know what it all brings
it is the time of your life

the clock ticks on, you age, mature
you’re growing old and wise
the dimes you’ve spend, they are no more
you’re living ‘till the end
once more…

this is the time of our lives.

© Lonely Wallflower, January 25th 2012. Rode roos

This is my poem, written by me, myself and I. If you wish to use it, contact me, wait for an approval or denial and act upon that. Please respect my rights as author. Thank you.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on January 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “It’s only time”

  1. Very touching poem…I like the time theme; the accompanying artwork is striking!

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