Save mode


Winter time

I am thinking about the bills I need to pay. I am thinking about the money I want to set aside for the upcoming birthdays of
GF and my mum. They age in May but since I decided on giving them something special, I need to make a saving plan. Since I love to plan it is not bad for me to think/write it all out. But there are other occasions that need some of my money as well. Such as Carnaval, conventions, visiting friends, need some new shoes and clothes… So I need to plan it wise and carefully.

I need to calculate my costs per week, as I get paid per week, and see what I normally would be able to save every week. Some weeks, costs will be low. Other weeks, my income will be lower due to working less hours the previous week.

Some times I just wished it would be easier for me to get some better, higher, education so I could get a better paying job. But due to the AS/ADHD it’s always been hard for me to learn stuff in school. I am easily distracted. When it is too difficult or easy and there is no stimulaton, I lose interested and it’s all lost on me. Ah well, I startwd working at current job halfway through September. After 6 months working there, I will get a small raise. And if I have two certifications by then, even a little bit more. Still waiting for a test on the second one though. Sure I will pass it, but need to take it to succeed. Ah well, drifting off topic. What I am trying to write, if all goes well I will be able to save some more money starting halfway March.
And I finally paid off the loan for my car. Well, finally… It took me 4 months so it’s quite fast I guess. So that is some more money I will be able to save up now that it’s paid. *yay*

So I guess I need to make that list. Let me see… Of course no amounts here. Even though it is a anonymous blog, some things are private. Of course I will have to pay all monthly bills. And I will need to save for:
New shoes/jeans
Birthday surprise GF & mum
FedCon convention (pictures, autographs and food/drinks/transport)
New back tattoo (need to finish design so I can get an estimated price)

Furthermore I want to be able to buy some DVD/Blu-ray for my collectoon. And after all that, I want a new PC. The one I have is 4,5 years old and starts to act up…

Ah well… All things concidered I have to save up for sure. But in the end it will be worth it.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Save mode”

  1. I want a new tattoo, actually I want the “Gessle Music Logo” one covered!

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