A blog a day, day #2


As promised another blog today. I am starting this in my first break at work and see how it ends at the end of the day when I will post it.

Getting up was hard. I slept badly last night. Went to bed in time. I have been in bed by 21 o’clock all week already. But then the alarm goes of at 4:20 so I need to have some time to sleep. But when I tried to sleep last night, they were doing practise flights from a “nearby” airforce location, Volkel. And damn! Those dudes make a LOT of noise… When the noise finally died I was able to relax some more. I heard BF coming to bed. Was hoping GF would come to bed soon too as I missed her arms around me.

GF is still trying to figure out the b-day prezzie I ordered for her. It makes me feel good that, in her way, she is excited and curious about it as well. I know what she wants to give me and that makes ne very happy as well. I wrote before about wanting a new tattoo and she wants to buy it for me. Next week on Thursday we’ll head for a tattoo shop to let them design my idea and see what that will cost us. Or in this case, her. I would want to get the tat before my birthday though due to the weather (hopefully) improving and all… For those who have, you know the rules. If you don’t know them and are curious…there is always Google hihi. But if it’s possible, I’d like to have the tat done before spring arrives. 6 weeks is a long time… If GF would say I could get it in 2 weeks, I’d go for it! The sooner the better. I have been giving this tat so much thought that I would like it done soon. I believe that somewhere in the past I did blog about the idea/design? Can’t check it properly now but well, if you’re interested, check the rest of my blog and you will find it. And if you wish to read password protected posts, check the link somewhere on the right side of this blog and you’ll find out 😉

Work is going OK so far. Only two more hours and then this day is also over, work wise.

It was hard work today. My muscles are sore. But heck, they were sore before I started work. They’ve been sore for a long time.

Got highly irritated by a text message from GF. Then came the news that the overtime on Saturday got canceled. That made me feel bad and all I wanted to do was go home. Get some rest and go home. The more I kept thinking about it, the better I felt my aching muscles. I was quite happy when time arrived to go home.

When I got home I changed some clothes, made something to eat and crashed onto the couch with a DVD and a Labrador 😉 Have been chatting with ill co-worker who was just released out of a hospital. Glad to know she is doing better. Was kinda worried for a while. And I chatted a bit with GF. Did some quick vacuuming. Played some Wordfeud and am writing a bit here. Mail lady brought me my new cell phone cover. I have one with a flap that covers the whole phone. Bought it when I bought the phone. Now I have a sillicone purple one as well. Guess I will use the one with the flap most seeing it covers my screen. I do have a screen protector but it only helps to prevent scratches. Still…babbling here about silly cell phone covers. I am still very happy I spend the money to buy this phone. So much better than the previous one.

Now I have to feed the dog at 17, wait for GF (and BF) to come home so we can get our groceries and walk the dog. And then we can make dinner.

Will post this now. Day two, already over 12 hours “old” to me. Post two, day two… So far so good! Will do my best to keep this up folks. Thanks for reading, thanks for caring and thanks for commenting 😉 Have a good day all!

PS. Picture I used is made by a friend, edited by myself. Used with kind permission.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “A blog a day, day #2”

  1. I have Saturday the 10th the day of so if you want to get the tat.. we can do it then

  2. haha I never was fond of cellphones but now I have this Android thing ( Xperia 10 mini with keyboard) since last May and I use it 50 times a day to check fb/mail, to play games or do language course in train and of course to listen to mp3’s. I have it in a little bag around my neck in case some customer calls me and then at least I won’t miss the call. I never wanted to be dependent of new technology but it sure fills up lots of space in my life that otherwise would have remained empty.
    I hate it when I can’t sleep and that’s about 50% of the nights that I have to deal with this issue.

    • I am fond of many electronic gadgets. But all I can do with my phone now, I hardly need my laptop anymore haha! I really love this Nexus phone I have now. So many options and good apps. 🙂

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