A blog a day, day #6


Good Monday to all! Here I am again, starting on number 6. Let’s see where all this writing and all my thoughts will lead me to today. And when this is uploaded, where it will lead you as well. But for now, I haven’t really got a clue. Yeah I will write a bit about last night. I will write a bit about the upcoming days and maybe even more. Ah well, let’s just start and see were we end.

Last night an ex-collegue came over. She will be staying until Wednesday. Tomorrow we have a special Carnaval celebration in the place where I live and oh man, we’re going to celebrate! It will start on 11:11. I have to work this night from 22:30 till 5:30. Back home around 6. Catch about 4 hours of sleep and then prep for the big party. But back to last night. Friend came around 22:30. We enjoyed a few Baileys Hazelnut, the Big Bang Theory and after that some YouTube. Around 4 we went to bed. But I wasn’t in mine until after 5. Googled some e-books first to add to my collection. Still reading my first e-book but it never hurts to have some reading on sd card. It gives options to chose from. And I can explore some new writers without spending too much money on original books. Around 11:30 I was up again. Not sure when our friend would wake up. By now it’s past 13 and I am still alone with our dog on the couch.

But last night we had fun and after that I did sleep rather OK. Woke once for a toilet brake and when I got back, bed was cold. Grabbed an extra blanket abd again I slept a few hours. Woke once more before getting up. And now I already ate and drank. Chatted a wee bit with GF.

This afternoon we have to get back to the city center. On Saturday we bought the cards we need for tomorow. We also asked if the coins were already available. The lady said yes so we bought 40. It now seems those coins are not valid on Tuesday. So hopefully we can return them, as we specifically asked for coins for Tuesday. So keeping fingers crossed. Otherwise, GF, BF and friend need to hit the town tonight to use the coins. Or maybe we could sell them to party people. Just really hoping they’ll take them back as it seems we’ve had a misunderstanding. Ah… *sigh* Hate situations like these…

So now I’m spending my time. Want to write but don’t know what I can write about now. Spilled my beans on the coins frustration. Mentioned the nice night I had last night. And nothing really excited has happened… I will post this blog and when I have more to write, I cab always post a second blog. Just wait and see folks.

I hope you all have a good start of the week! Take care folks, all the best, LW

PS. I guess you already guessed… Image used with very kind permission, again. ๐Ÿ™‚


~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “A blog a day, day #6”

  1. “a wee bit” you sound Scottish! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the photo of the lighthouse, its pretty!

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