A blog a day, day #8


Goooood Wednesday everyone. We’re halfway through the working week. Well, most of us are. Seeing I only work 3 nights this week and I still have two to go… So for me, the week is halfway around 2 am tomorrow. So you’re all lucky peeps if you don’t have to work the weekend…you beat me to the weeks half! Haha… OK sorry for the babbling.

Went to bed a little past one. Slept rather OK. Before going to bed friend and GF and I talked about the effects of alcohol. That it was hard for me to deal with so many drunk people. That it had different effects and I couldn’t understand it/them. I noticed that many people get angry/violent more easy. They don’t respect your personal space. Instead of asking to come through you’re pushed, kicked and shoved aside. I try to keep my cool because I am afraid that when I get mad and respond, it would get out of hand for sure. I used to love Carnaval Tuesday but I feel it’s gotten too busy. Too crowded. It was difficult to say the least. Ah well. I coped. I survived and tonight it’s business as usual: work.

Though I suspect it will be a hard week for me. Couldn’t sleep more than 4 hours yesterday. The same goes for tomorrow, as I have to get up again at 10. Friday morning I can sleep in luckily. On Saturday GF and I always go grocery shopping with my mum. But upcoming Saturday GF has to work in the morning. So it’s up to me… And next week I have the early shift again. Plus a dentist appointment on the 29th. Yes, we have one 29th of February every 4 years and I have to spend it getting up early for work and then off to the dentist. Yay for that extra day… Even thinking about this all makes me feel tired. I guess depressed thoughts and feelings aren’t helping either. But tomorrow we’re also going to the tat shop to get some info on the tat I want. If possible I want to get it ASAP but on April 1st we’re going swimming with best friend and her son. So as soon as possible right after that date. I want to follow the rules because my skin already requires a follow up most of the time (it absorbs ink well). Still, the thought of going to the tat shop… Exciting 🙂

GF just went to work. BF is on his way back from it now. I have to leave in 150 minutes. Long night and short sleep ahead of me.

I am thinking it would be best to just upload this post and slowly start a new one for tomorrow. A longer one. Maybe write some more about alcohol. Maybe not yet…wondering if peeps will comment about alcohol here. If there are more (AS) people who find it very difficult to behave/understand drunken issues and moments. Ah well… As always I will just start writing and see where it leads me/us.

Thanks for your (ongoing) interest. Comments are welcome. C U 2morrow for blog number eight. First week done and passed!

All the best, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on February 22, 2012.

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