A blog a day, day #15


Howdy everyone! March has arrived, spring is slowly arriving as well. Yay! Only one more working day until the weekend arrives. Many arrivals and almost arrivals today.

Slept not too good last night. Eyes were a bit swollen and my pillow and PJs top were wet. So I guess it were tears and sweat. Got dressed and went down. Packed by bag and walked a small round with the brown waggle tailed doggie we own.

Work went OK. The system worked better than it did fortunately. And we had less work than yesterday as well but it still was plenty to keep me busy. At the end of the working day they had a small (scary) surprise for me. Tomorrow morning I will have lead our department… I do get help (so she will prevent a disaster *yay* that would be otherwise bound to happen) but still it scares me a lot. I know I can do most of the work already but still.. Brrr… Scary!

After work I went home and changed clothes. Then I took the dog for a walk to our small city center to pick up the finished preparations for GF’s bday. It’s still a full 2 months away but I am ready for it. Doggie and I walked back and we picked up groceries along the way.

Back home I cleaned up the groceries and checked the picked up goods. Ow my wow! It really was even better than I had hoped for! As wow! I hope GF will be as delighted as I was…am! Must film her when she unwraps the prezzies. I know she will read this. But ow my wow…

GF made dinner, BF came home later and ate from the microwave. And now I am in my bed, sleeping (hopefully) single getting ready for that scary morning moment at work.

Before I sign off, I want to thank a dear reader/friend for the caring e-mail and chat today. It is really appreciated! Thanks.

Thanks to all followers/likers/commenters as well. Your clicks make me feel less alone during depressed moments. Making me feel like I do matter. It means a lot. Thank you all!

Good night/day everyone and pretty soon TGIF! Still not believing in the G part… So please fill in the person you believe in: T.IF 😉 soon.

TTFN all, Luv LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “A blog a day, day #15”

  1. It is hard to believe we are in the throes of the beginning of March already, where has January and February disappeared to?

    Can you send some motivation my way to clean up… or at least do the pile of ironing that is looking at me from over the other side of the room as I type!

    Hope the sleep improves, nothing worse than not sleeping or sleeping and it not being good sleep.

    Hang on in there!

  2. good luck tomorrow dear. I know you can do this. make me proud!

  3. Good luck today! I know it’s scary, I’d be terrified as well, but it’s also a positive thing, right? They believe you can do it, so that’s a good sign. Go get em (you’re probably already doing that right now), and I’m sure you’ll be just fine!

    • Thanks! But…due to the lack of people I am forced to go high-speed picking… sigh! Need to get a pay raise as I feel like I’m working for 1,5 persons. So better luck next time I hope. *hugs*

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