A blog a day, day #16


It’s weekend! Finally the end of the working week has arrived…

Work today went not according to plan. I did get to start the system up and all. But we didn’t have enough people on our department and two chefs already breathing down our necks… So we decided today would not be my day. It was a madhouse! We were already about two people short. Plus for the morning time, 8 till 11:30 we got to supervise two “special program” people. They are nice but need a lot of supervision. So that means time. Time to support, time to correct their errors. I know it is for a good cause. But when you are already too low on people… I guess you get it.

I was very happy when it was finally time to go home. My feet and head were killing me. I did my best but about fifteen minutes before our weekend would begin, my energy was fully drained. I had a big headache and my feet told me to get home and get rid of these safety shoes. Since a few weeks I do have new shoes and they’re a huge improvement compared to the old ones. But still, this much running and all, even my finest Nikes would not be able to prevent my feet from going very sore.

BF was working from home today. He was in a good mood, which was pleasant for me as well. GF had her internship today till 17 and had to work again at 20. So she was running on a tight schedule. BF and I took the dog and did the grocery shopping. BF would make pancakes for us. He did a great job and even brought the pancakes to us. Luxury for sure. A small delight.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to the cinema. It’s been a while and I am looking forward to it. Even though I can almost sleep in tomorrow (alarm at 8:45 instead of 4:20) also means I am going to sleep later. Normally I would wait for GF but my guess is that she will be home around 1:45, 1:30 if she’s lucky, and I know my brain won’t accept that for now. So I am typing this blog while in the attic bedroom with an episode of the first season of the Mentalist on DVD on TV. After I finish this blog I will watch some more DVD and/or read in my digital Kathy Reichs book and I guess by 22:30 I will wear my dental guard and try to sleep. Please no nightmares tonight. No wet pillow and/or sleeping T-shirt…

The picture I used for the blog isn’t completely mine. I found it using the PicsArt app and modified it. So I can only claim the edited part NOT the original. I couldn’t see the source of the picture in the app, so THANKS to the original owner for sharing it.

Have a good start of the weekend everyone! Thanks for checking in, now I’m checking out. Ta-ta for now, luv LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 2, 2012.

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