Lazy Sunday, day #18


Lazy Sunday, a very lazy Sunday. Wondering what to blog about. Continue on yesterdays’ topic or? Just send out a Tweet with this question, wondering if I will get any replies. And if I get any, hopefully it/they will be useful.

Almosy two hours have passed and I’ve had no comments on my Tweet. So I guess I’m on my own. Also no replies/comments/likes on yesterday’s post. Some days I get many views on my writing. Other days it seems my latest post(s) were boring. How can I combine? Combine what’s on my mind with what peeps want to read? Stupid questoin I know… It’s my blog. I should write for myself and not for others on this blog. But getting likes and comments…I likey!

So I want to see if I can combine my silly thoughts… I have written about several items ever since I have started this blog. Maybe there is something you’d like to know more about. Some more background or deeper into the subject. I am open to write about stuff you’d like to know about me. When it’s too personal I can either chose not to write about it. Or to write about it in a password protected post.

Since today was a lazy Sunday, I have basically been a couch potato. Walked with the dog early afternoon and made dinner. But for the rest I have been watching Flash Forward on DVD. GF was working during the afternoon and part of the evening. BF watched DVD with me and played with his cell phone every now and then.

I hope to read your comments soon on subjects to dig in to. So when I do wish to write, but have no interesting subject of my own, I can use one of your suggestions. Make this blog more interactive with it’s readers.

Will be a couch potato some more. Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine has been quite OK and I am pleased about that. Take care everyone, looking forward to your imput 🙂

Luv, LW

~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 4, 2012.

One Response to “Lazy Sunday, day #18”

  1. I have personally been busy this weekend hence why I have not been around to like / comment on posts, never even switched the computer on during Sunday and I only use my phone to check twitter not WordPress. Although there is another reason, I opted not to tweet much this week from my phone (email me and I will share it!)

    I have lost many people in my life and I can remember the first funeral I went to when I was 12 years old, my auntie died of Breast Cancer. Since then I seem to have been to a few funerals a year, a friend who died of a brain tumour I went to school with, grandparents, aunties and other family members as well as the head teacher of my first school! I went to three funerals in the last six months of last year alone!

    I am trying to spend less time online, so much college work and other studying to do, and I am planning to get back into my volunteering! As for blog ideas how about writing about where you live, unless of course it will reveal who you are! Or perhaps something about schooling in your country… I am always interested to learn more about other places!

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