A new week begins, day #19


Monday. The start of yet another (working) week. This week I will be working the late shift, so it could happen that my blogposts might reach you after midnight time here in the Netherlands. But you don’t have to miss any of them, as they are mentioned on my Twitter and Facebook. And of course you could always follow me 😉

Went to bed rather early for my doing. But I was tired so it was the best thing to do. It of course resulted in me waking earlier than normal as well during the late shift week. So I hope it won’t bother me to much at work. Finally a friend replied to my Tweet/blog post question about what my posts should be about. Thanks Ms. Leftie for your response! It means a lot to me *hugs*.

She opted to write about my neighborhood, if it would not bring my anonymity in “danger”. Or about education. Well, I guess I will start to write a bit about my neighborhood, where I come from. I won’t give too much details. But hopefully enough to “entertain” you, or at least to inform you. As my working day was quite normal, so too boring to write about it. All went OK, just have a huge muscle ache. It seems my whole body is aching… But no babbling about it.

OK, where did I come from to be where I am now?

I was born in the city of Nijmegen. I came to the world on the day that the whole world knows as Mother’s day. So you could say that my mum became a mum on Mother’s day.
I am not sure if you did click the “Nijmegen link”, But in case you didn’t, here is some information about it. It is considered to be the oldest city of the Netherlands, getting it’s city rights 5 AD. So in 2005 it celebrated it’s 2000th birthday.
The city is very near the German border. Not really sure what I could mention more what Wikipedia hasn’t put down better. Please check the link peeps, sorry for the lack of my knowledge.

I have lived in Nijmegen for 23 years. Then I moved, bought a house with BF. Moved to another province, about 25 kilometers away from Nijmegen. It’s nice here where I live, The town is certainly a lot smaller than Nijmegen, where Nijmegen has about 736.000 inhabitants, the town I live in now has about 24.000. But the town I live in now has almost all I need in my daily life. And when it doesn’t have it, I can always get it either on-line or in Nijmegen. There is a lot of nature here. When the weather is OK, you can take wonderful walks here or drive your bike either way you wish to go. I really enjoy it here. And should there ever come a time where I separate from BF, I want to keep living here, in this neighborhood.

I am sorry I can’t write too much about where I live now. It would give away the real me, making me less anonymous, to some/many readers that follow my FB/Twitter. I hope you can understand this. Understand my meaning.

I am tired. I will close up this post and watch some DVD on the couch together with our little brown girl. BF and GF already went to bed. GF is still sleeping single. I miss her… Next week is my night shift week so I will be sleeping single a lot then.

Ow I got my day (well, night as I am working in the night shift then) off approved for April 5th. Whoohoo tattoo here I come! I am really excited about it. I have been wanting this for so long…

In two weeks I will be at current job for 6 months. I was told I would get a (small) pay raise after that. Am very curious about the outcome of my salary then 😉 Ah well, time for DVD and doggy huggin’ on the couch. Have a nice night all and thanks for your interest.

PS. the image I used is NOT my own work. I found it using the PicsArt app and I only can claim some rights for the editing of the original.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 6, 2012.

6 Responses to “A new week begins, day #19”

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I like Holland (sometimes wonder which you prefer, Holland or The Netherlands). Amsterdam was the first place I ever visited in 1986 with my school for a week and I fond memories of cheese factories, clog factories, tulips and Anne Frank’s House! I absolutely loved that trip and blamed my head teacher for giving me the travel bug. Of course, I have only returned once since in 2009 for some concert… 😉 I did not get a chance to explore much last time as it was a one-night stay, but I do recall nearly being run over by several trams and bikes! I really do want to go back again if only to see Anne Frank’s House!

    What I always like about the rest of Europe compared to the UK is the excellent transport system… we still have a way to go before we catch up!

    • Well, when ever you’d like to visit our wooden clogs and tulip country again, let me know! It would be nice to meet up, maybe show you around, catch up on…everything we can catch up on! There is more in this country then clogs, tulips, windmills (although we do live nearby a windmill haha) and weed… 😉
      I prefer The Netherlands, as Holland can refer to two provinces: Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. But I guess Holland is easier…
      *hugs* thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Weed… I like the sound of that! 😉 When I first came back from The Netherlands in 86, I played a game and counted all the windmills I could spot for about two years afterwards, I still laugh when I see the one we have in Blackpool as it reminds me of that game!

      • Haha well, if it’s weed you’d like to try… It’s been over a year since I used our bong… Wow… Guess I’ve been waiting for better weather to try it again. Maybe due to my ADHD or AS it never had the same effect as it has on many others… But I could always try again hihi! If you’d like to visit the Netherlands…just lemme know! There has to be something we can work out. And you can stay with us and play with the brown girl.
        Ow, FYI, our public transport sucks a lot too!!! I ♥ the London metro system, easy and affordable. Our public transport only gets more expensive with less possibilities….

  2. Sounds like a plan! 🙂

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