Four weeks! plus one… A miracle, day #29


I never dreamt of really making this happen. But I did it! I have been blogging every day now for four whole weeks! And one day!!! I just noticed I got a day number double… Silly me. And none of you mentioned it to me either Knipogende emoticon So well, day twenty-nine it is.
I couldn’t have made this possible without my cell phone though. Because of it’s ability to work with the WordPress app, I can literally blog everywhere. As long as my battery lasts that is. But still, blogging at work, at home, in the garden, in the car (not while driving!) even on the toilet Knipogende emoticon

Samsung-Galaxy-NexusI can share my thoughts, my experiences, my visions and ideas all from the touch on my Nexus. I ♥ it! And of course, when I feel like typing faster and when I am around my laptop, I will use that one. Or my PC. My Nexus is great but typing on my laptop is still a whole lot faster. And easier as the screen is just a wee bit larger Knipogende emoticon
And of course a real big keyboard is a lot easier to use, especially for someone with my badly developed fine motor skills. I was always bad at doing things that included little items or where you needed to have fine motoric skills. I always did my best and always got frustrated with myself. Now I know it’s one of the many things that people with AS (can) suffer from. Anyway…

Mr-Jones-Graveyard-Shift_1Tonight is the last night of the graveyard shift. I am looking forward to the weekend. We will be meeting a convention Facebook friend on Saturday. Although we must have seen her at a con, we never physically met. So it will be nice, I hope. Friend asked for a meet-up and GF and I both agreed to it.
GF has to work on Sunday. So to compensate us going downtown without BF, I asked him what he wanted to do with me on Sunday. He’s still thinking about it. If the weather would allow, I would be happy as going for a nice walk somewhere with him and the dog. Little brown girl won’t mind, me thinks Hondengezicht

I just placed an order which I will be able to pick up when we’re in Nijmegen on Saturday. Just texted GF that we need to leave for Nijmegen a bit earlier to pick up my order before meeting up with friend. I could have gotten it delivered free at home though. But I want to pay with credit card, as I am not sure if I can pay for it instantly or not (and with credit card I can spread the costs at a rate though…but still). I know it’s not the most expensive thing I have bought, would have loved to order another one, but seeing the costs… I have checked several sites and this one is worth it’s cost. People say it does what it needs to do and compared to it’s bigger/more expensive/more well known brands brothers, it’s not bad at all. It got between a 6,5 till 7,8 on a 1-10 grade. So well, picking it up Saturday Emoticon met brede lach Quite happy that I finally ordered it. Bit bummed that the one I really wanted was still so freaking expensive. But I already knew that. One could always hope to find a nice discount somewhere. Of course, seeing it’s popularity, no discount was to be found anywhere near.
Ah well, we’ll know more on Saturday. What I have seen on-line made me feel confident enough to buy it. It will take a small dip into my savings, BUT if all goes well, I will get a bit more pay soon!

albert-einstein-miracleAs I believe I mentioned before, when you work at the company where I now work for (through a job agency though, no contract unfortunately), when you work there for 26 weeks, you get a raise. A small one, a bit over an Euro per hour I believe… But still, every Euro is a bit more on my bank account every week (we get paid every week). I am now working my 26th week. So starting next working week, I will finally work for more money. But it takes yet another week to get paid, so I will know how much I will be earning on the 28th, hopefully. Really curious haha Geld

I hope it will be enough to let me save up for the upcoming costs which I will have to pay for. We need to order flight tickets for a convention in the end of October. Last year we ordered them in March as well. Got good flights and a nice price for it. So I guess that is next on the to-do list. And otherwise, it’s spread credit card paying…. And then there is that convention in May, two birthdays in May, well actually 3 including my own. Some plans are in the make for June but they will also cost something. And then of course maybe moving out… So enough to save up for. But I am trying to save already. I have two metal saving cans. A small one where I am saving bills for a super douper vacation. A bigger one where I am saving coins. I have no clue to how much is in either one of them. I do know the big one weighs about two kilos now! Haha. When the big one is full, or when curiosity gets me, I will open it up. Of course the smaller one holds a lot more money. But I really want to keep saving in that one for when the time is right to go on a super vacation. I also have a stone piglet. That is my convention saving piggy. So yeah, I try to save money. I try to keep it in the cans/piglet until the time is right. I know I can also save through my internet bank account, which I also try. But when I have it locked up in a can, it’s safer because I don’t want to open it until needed. When it’s on-line, it’s easier for me to “borrow” it. Silly? Maybe… But so far, it works for me. And I am happy that I earn enough money to actually be able to both buy stuff (as in: empty out haha), pay the bills and save some money. One week/month I can save more than another week/month. I already paid the small loan I had for my car so now I can save for all the fun things ahead.

148930_stock-photo-flying-sack-of-euro-money-with-wingsAh well. This turned out to be a totally different blog but I liked writing it. It shows a bit of how my daily life works, how my mind works, money wise. When I feel depressed, or when I feel like I am the queen of the world, I do have spending sprees. I would love to either make myself feel better by pampering myself with nice things. I never buy things I do not need though. I always buy things that I already had on my “wanting to buy but not enough money yet” list. Or I want to buy those things because I feel so good and I really deserve them. I have never gotten myself in any depts but I have always managed to spend all my savings. That is also a reason why I need money in a saving piggy or can where I can’t touch it easily. Of course, opening is easy. But I made a promise to myself as to when I am “allowed” to open. And breaking such a promise to myself would be as bad as breaking a promise I made to some one else.

So well, you can see this is a laptop written post. Many images Knipogende emoticon Haha. I always try to make the posts cheerful, when possible seeing how I feel and what the subject of the posts is. So this post, you got a small financial insight into the money world of Lonely Wallflower. I am not rich. But also not that poor. I work euroshard so I can afford what I need. And then some… All in all. no complaints. Of course, more money is always welcome. But I guess most people who aren’t considered rich in the eyes of the public feel this way.

I will leave you with a nice Swedish song. No worries, they sing in English and I guess most of you, if not all of you, will know this song. And I suspect some of you will even know the words to it. So please, feel free to sing along Muzieknoot

All my best, thanks for reading/rating/liking/commenting!
Luv, LW Rode roos

Love Abba, love this song…

~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “Four weeks! plus one… A miracle, day #29”

  1. Never met anyone who does not like ABBA… well done on making it to a month with blogging each day, it is quite an achievement!

    I also like the WordPress app; I can write and comment from anywhere, like now I am waiting to go into the theatre to see Macbeth! Although I do not write blogs on my phone, I feel the screen is too small, HTC Wildfire I need a better HTC with a bigger screen!

    Hope the last shift goes well and you can enjoy the weekend meeting with your friend.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks! I really like to do it so that helps as well. Well, you’ve seen the phone I use in this post. It takes some getting used to but I am still learning and getting faster every day.
      It does bug me that the read option in wordpress doesn’t show all the blogs I do follow. Is it because I turned off email notifications or? Me dunno… Weird.

      Have a good Friday/weekend dear!

  2. what the hell did you buy… are yoy really making me wait untill Saturday. poor me!
    love you

    • Haha I buy something (yes you may use it sometimes too no worries) and you are poor..? Will you pay it for me then? Haha! Maybe I will pick it up later today, if possible, when I go to the city with mum. Otherwise, it’ll be Saturday indeed. Luv ya!

  3. […] or she could be thrilled. Even though I did buy it for me, as I stated in a comment to her at my previous blog post, she may use it when I am not using it. I am always willing to share but not when I am using it […]

  4. […] as I mentioned a while ago, in the post that turned out to be about my financial quirks, I have a special savings can. I really have no […]

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