No idea about a topic, day #30

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Hello everyone, it’s weekend! Graveyard shift is over. Weekend started at 5:30 for me today and it lasts until I have to start working again on Monday at 14:00. So it’s a nice weekend. Well, it is a long one at least. Will be able to write if it was indeed a nice weekend after it’s over and done.

Today I went to Nijmegen city center with my mum. I was hoping to pick up my order but saw on the website that the package was delayed. So hopefully tomorrow it will be there in time. Seeing we have a meet-up to go to as well. Hope that will all go well. Am a bit nervous, seeing she (M.) doesn’t know anything about my mental condition. I never post about it on my private FaceBook page. And that is where we connected. I only post about my mental stuff on my special FaceBook site. The one that has a link on this web blog. But mum and I found what we were looking for for her so she is happy and so was I. I also got GF a simple but nice watch. She wanted/needed one for work. So when I saw it in the store where mum and I were, I bought it and took it along.

The weather was very nice. You might have seen my Tweets today. Maybe not… Hmmm, you don’t follow me on Twitter? Please check the link on the right side of this blog on how to find me. Makes it easier for me to connect to my blog readers. There are times when I check Facebook and Twitter often and that also leaves times when I don’t check that often. All depends on my mood, my energy, my headache and so on. Ah well, when I am on-line, it would be nice to connect.


But I must admit that I am bummed. I wanted to pick up the item I ordered very badly. GF still thinks I am euh, not nice because I am not telling her what I ordered. I told her, if I would tell her now, it could go two ways (Aspie with black-white as example). She could find me stupid or she could be thrilled. Even though I did buy it for me, as I stated in a comment to her at my previous blog post, she may use it when I am not using it. I am always willing to share but not when I am using it haha! So I want to keep her open minded until she sees it tomorrow. And then I hope that she will go for the positive reaction. I hope I have made the right choice, although I won’t know about that until we get home and I can use it. But so far, many people have been positive enough for me to believe this is a good and affordable option.

LWspringbookI have posted the Twitter pic I made this afternoon above. The wet girl, she went swimming again of course, a nice beer and sun in out garden. I spend about an hour in the sun and then it went away and it got colder again. But it was nice while it lasted. OK, actually, this image was a follow up. I read a Tweet about Harry Potter books, that if you have nothing to read at hand, you could always re-read these books. Even though I do have other books I would like to read, I am also re-reading the Harry Potter series. I have reached the last book and I read a bit in the sun. So I made this picture. And then I realized the beginning of spring could be even better with a beer to it. So that is why I made the new picture with the nice Hertog Jan beer. And the brown girl gladly posed along side.

I went to bed around 6:15 this morning. Was home around 6 and then talked a but with BF who was taking care of the brown girl while getting ready to go away for his job. I was cold. After fifteen minutes I started a DVD to help me relax. But I still was cold. Around 6:50 I shut down the DVD and I did see the clock reach 7. Finally I fell asleep only to wake again around 10:15. Alarm was set for 10:45 so I turned the DVD back on. All in all I guess I slept about 3 hours so that’s not really a lot. GF is at work now. She probably won’t be home until 1:45 or 2 even. I want to stay awake for her so I will do my best. But it’s a long time. Alarm tomorrow morning is set at 8:45. Ah well, I have Sunday to sleep in and I don’t have to get up that early on Monday either.

BF is on his way home. Not sure if I am pleased about it. Depends on how his mood is. I smiley 2 thumbs upjust want to relax after posting this blog. I have candles on the table, DVD on the HD-TV, sleeping brown girl next to me on the couch… I don’t want any big talks about blah blah blah. I want to lay on the couch, enjoy my beer and some chips and relax.

My right elbow still hurts too much. I have Tweeted a picture of it a few days ago. Here is my TwitPic link to check all images I have shared on Twiter. Feel free to look and respond.

So I guess it’s time to put away the laptop and relax with my little girl. Have a good start of the weekend everyone!

Thanks again for comments/rating/liking. Luv, LW Rode roos


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