Almost Sunny Sunday, day #32


Hello again! After sleeping for almost 10 hours, I finally got up around 1 pm. Yeah, we went to bed around 3 in the morning. GF and I did, BF already went to bed. GF and I were watching a movie, “The girl with the dragon tattoo”.  Seeing I had slept for 3 hours on Friday and almost 6 hours the next night, I was very tired. So after a while I fell asleep. GF woke me at the end to go to bed. Where I slept for a long time.

I know I had nightmares during my sleep. I can’t remember what about. I know I did wake up feeling tired still. And now, 8 hours after getting up, I am already yawning my jaw off. Muscles are still very sore and the headache is also coming back with a vengeance. I hate the wat my body and head feel right now. I feel like swallowing a truckload of diclofenacnatrium pills ans hope that the pain would then leave me alone for a while.

But I guess it will help me but afterwards I would feel like sh*t again when the effects of the pills wear off again. And them I won’t have any pills left and I am afraid I’ll need them to ease the muscle aches. I wonder where all that pain comes from. My muscles are all so sore and tense and it feels like they’re getting tighter every day. I lost some strength in my arms, probably also due to well, what ever I have going on with my right elbow. Still haven’t seen the GP. No time. Don’t really want to, even though I know it would be good for me. My headache is getting worse due to the tightness of my neck muscles.

Aah I need to stop whining. I know sometimes it’s good go rant. But I feel I keep returning to the same issues each and every time. So now, to compensate you for all my achy whining, some good news, or better at least.

Yesterday was a good day. As I already let you know in my small blog post from last night. GF and I strolled through the city centre, while I kept checking my website to see if my parcel was already delivered. So we walked a bit, drank somewhere (so that GF didn’t feel guilty for using their sanitary) and then we went to the store. Parcel had arrived about two hours ago. I could see it on my website. So I asked sales boy (felt he was too young to be called a man) about the parcel. He checked and got it for me. We talked a bit about tablets, as I was buying myself an Archos 80 G9 16GB tablet. The boy had to book it in so I could buy it and take it out with me. I told him that, when I wanted to pay with my credit card, there should be extra costs according to the store’s website. He said it was OK and didn’t charge me anything besides the tablet.

I am writing on the tab now. So far, it’s proven to be price-quality worthy. It did crash a few times, but it could have been due to the apps I installed. Some I already uninstalled. It takes some getting used to, which proved to be a bit easier when I upgraded Honey to Ice 🙂  as in Android 3.2 to 4.0.3 which is the same version my Nexus is working on. So that made it a bit easier. But still learning and trying to see which apps suit me best. And to try the landscape versus euh, the opposite of that, to see what works best with browsing and typing and all. Ah well, back to the Saturday.

After we bought the tab, we decided to slowly head towards the place where we would meet with M. We saw many people playing bridge in all the pubs we passed. Most of them were old enough to be our grandparents. We arrived a bit early and saw bridging elderly people in “our” pub/lunchroom as well. Since the weather was OK we decided to take a sear near the water. Here I unwrapped my new tab. After a while we decided to just take a table in the lunchroom and text M. that we were inside and where we sat. Our meeting time was 14:30 and as we arrived about ten minutes early, we only started with an order for drinks. M. arrived shortly after 14:30 and we introduced and she ordered a drink as well.

We spend a lot of time chatting about conventions and all other stuff. We ate a bit, drank some more and  when it was 18:30 I suggested that M. would come along with us for dinner. It was around 23:15 when we finally brought her home 😉  Even though it was a bit scary for me, it turned out to be a nice day.

GF and I came home, slipped into something comfortable and wanted to watch a movie. BF went to bed. I was very tired and after a while, I fell asleep. As I mentioned before, we went to bed around three and I got up about ten hours later!!! I was the first (!!!) one to get up so I rushed down to take care of the little brown girl. After dressing myself and feeding the brown one, we went for a walk. When I got back, BF just got up and I had to wake GF. She had to work four hours today. So it wouldn’t do her any good to wake her shortly before her departure time. We ate brunch, OK seeing the time you’d better call it lunch, and after that BF and I got ready to walk the dog. We drove to the Hatertse (or Overasseltse) vennen. Girl loves to walk there. I love the scenery as well. Just one thing, brownie wasn’t allowed to swim. My car wasn’t prepared for a wet jumpy dog.

We had a nice walk. At the end of the walk BF asked if we could swing by my parents as he had promised my dad to help him with something. I told BF to call first to be sure they were home. He did, they answered, we went there. Of course it took longer than BF thought it would. BF, mum and I walked with the dogs in between. We had a very lucky brown girl with all those fun walks. After the walk we got some soup. Then the computer did what it had to do and we were able to leave. When we got home I needed to buy some groceries, so dog was lucky again since she was allowed to tag along myself and BF.

After that, we ate dinner and relaxed. Around 20:30 GF got home. She ate her diner, played some Wordfeud and Draw something on my tab. After that she massaged me. As always, it hurt but it did help a but. Some more relaxing. BF took girl for one more short walk. GF went to bed. BF got back, babbled some and then went to bed as well. And now I finally could sit down and write my blog post without interruptions. And here we are, at the end of this post. I will post this soon, then lay back on the couch and cuddle some with the brown girl while watching some more DVD.

Thanks for reading, caring, maybe even liking, rating and/or commenting. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ow and I have read on Twitter that many countries celebrate Mothers day today. Hope you who celebrated had a good time.

Wishing you all the best, luv LW

PS. Image used is found through the PicsArt app. I merely modified it. But I guess you’ve already guessed that 😉


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Almost Sunny Sunday, day #32”

  1. The Archos 80 G9 sounds like a good buy!

    Did you see the other movies in the Tattoo Trilogy? I love those films, I did not like the remake version though, went to see it in the cinema, and they screwed the ending up compared to the book!

    • So far, I am still pleased with my Archos indeed. 10,1 inch screen would be too big for my usage, me thinks 😉
      Haven’t read any of the books (yet). Thought the movie was kinda weird, also due to missing bits and sleeping through it, hihi. Must put books on e-reader, either cellphone or tablet. 🙂

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