Want to travel, day #33


I want to fly away. I want to see new places, well new to me that is. I want to explore. I want to take many pictures. Have a good time. I know, it all sounds selfish starting my blog with “I want” but it’s a big HUGE desire of mine. Unfortunately it is also expensive, vet expensive. And there are do many things that need to be paid for. Including the tab I just bought 😉  And I just ordered screen protectors and a cover for it as well, as I want the tab to last for a long time.

But as I mentioned a while ago, in the post that turned out to be about my financial quirks, I have a special savings can. I really have no idea of the amount inside, but every time I have an extra €10 to spend, it goes in there. Still no word from credit card company on my application to pay spread out, at a special rate of course. But I find it weird that they haven’t gotten back to me yet about it, as in all the years I have been using a credit card, I always paid in time. So they should know I am good for it.

But I really would love to travel again…


Last year we only went to a Center Parcs in Germany for 5 days. The year before we spend two weeks in Austria. It was nice but we also had some fights and that didn’t make it a very good vacation. The year before that was great! Three weeks sunshine in the Dominican Republic, lovely! The year before that, no vacation at all. Only a hospitalisation as I got my new hip (BHR) in October 2008. In 2007 we visited Isla Margarita for a little over a week. So the last few years, two far away vacations and two closer to home by car. I have seen countries in the west, now I would like to travel to the east. China or Thailand, for example.

The other issue, besides the money, is work. Since I don’t have a contract, I save up a percentage of the hours I have worked as free time. It goes slow, about 3 hours I save per working week, so about 1,5 day(s) per month. Nope, not much… Today I have been working for this company for 6 months, I started on September 15th. So if all goes well, next year, today, I might get my phase B contract. Then, I will get free paid days AND save up hours like I am doing now. So if I want a paid time vacation, I need to make a lot of hours. But the trouble with the agency I work for is, that when I ask for non-paid leave, they pay me anyway. And of course take it from my built up hours. I can change it back, but it really is a hassle. So I am not bothering, only feeling bothered about it.

Ah well…

Work went OK today. When I got home, GF went to bed. She has waited for me. As soon as she was gone, BF started bitching about her. I told him to complain about her to her and not me. That made him highly annoyed and he went to bed as well. Which was fine by me, as it would leave me alone with a DVD, beer, brown girl and my tab to write this blog post.


Ms. Leftie asked me about my experience with the Archos 80 G9 tab so far. I did answer to her in the comments section but I decided to share my first few days of experience here as well, for all of you to read.

The version I bought cost me €248,99. It is the flash 16GB version. Mine was still running on Android 3.2 but Archos already had an update on their site for version 4.0.3. I couldn’t get the device to update itself to it, so I had to use my laptop for it. Downloading went very fast. I connected the tab with the USB-cable that came with it to my laptop. I uploaded the file to the tablet and within no time, it asked me to update to the new software. I wanted the update as my Nexus also runs on version 4 and I fins it easier if both have the same software interface. All went smoothly. My tablet connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Before I knew it, I installed all apps that I also find useful on my Nexus. Now I still need to find out how to to use the micro SD card. I believe I will need to access it by laptop/PC first. So if any of you already know how it works, please let me know. I tried to access the card directly through an explorer app, but I only found the internal memory, which is called SD card by my device. So hopefully somewhere this week I will set up my laptop and connect.

The device froze up about two or three times so far. One time was an app error, so I deleted that app. The on/off button on the side is also the reset button. When I needed it, it proved to work as promised. When I put the device in sleep mode, it’s still fast with booting up, same when I totally turn the device off. When it is stand-by, it takes less than two seconds to show me the start up screen where I can “slide my device off security”.

Of course I use the the tab for blogging. I already loved the WordPress app on my Nexus, as  mentioned in a blog before. But writing my blog on the tab is easy too. I only wish now that the WP app has more options like the Windows Live Writer™ on my laptop has. Maybe WP could make a separate app for tablets only, to make better use of the screen size/options. Too bad I can’t design software. But so far, it works good.

I also use Alkido and Amazon Kindle as e-readers. PicsArt to edit pics to use at my blog. I use Google translate as well, a very useful app for non-English native born bloggers who want to blog in English. I use Kingsoft Office and play Angry birds and Clouds & Sheep games. Of course I use the social apps for Twiter and Facebook. Ah well, there are many apps, but some contain a lot of sh*t so you’d better be careful when installing new apps to your Android device.

Girls and guys, I am off to bed soon. Non of the images was mine. The first one I found through PicsArt, second one I got from that dear friend who has provided me with nice pics before and the last one I found through Google. I did edit the first and second image by myself, using PicsArt app of course.

Hope you all had a good day. Much luv, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 20, 2012.

6 Responses to “Want to travel, day #33”

  1. I would love to travel with you…. Now only the money is a problem. Thailand sounds good. Also would love to see Mexico one time, but I guess that has to wait because it’s in the West.

    When mister has a problem with me he should come to me and not bitch to you. So I think you did the right thing. Let him come to me and I will explain why I do the things I do. He will not like some of it but I have my reasons.

    Love the tab. Nice thing to play with.



    • *yay* That’s why I am trying to put some cash into my saving can as often as possible. Must admit I am really curious about the amount saved up until now… But I am saving 🙂
      Seeing soon, when you graduate and get a proper (paying) job, you’ll be able to save up faster due to earning a bigger paycheck 🙂
      Luv ya too dear, xxx LW

  2. How travel would be so good!

    Most of my vacations have been related to concerts, not really holidays at all, the last one London last November and I stayed overnight, 2 nights in Malmö also in the same month. I was discussing holidays with a friend today, and I hope this year to get a week away, I would like to go somewhere on my own whether it be in the UK or abroad, but at the same time I think it would be nice for both me and dad to get away in the UK and take the dog… I could at a push afford something for us…

    At the same time I want to decorate my flat, as much as at times I hate living here, I do not think moving will happen and the location of where I live is handy for the hospital / volunteering and the train station as well as Manchester on a bus direct outside the house! I just wish my neighbours would kindly f**k off and move somewhere else (as they bounce around the floor as I write this!) 😉

    Plus there are things that need replacing in the house, I hope to somehow manage to do all this in 2012 and still have some savings come January 2013…

    We shall see,

    The tablet sounds good, I am certain to get one at some point this year, along with a new mobile with a bigger screen…

    Now where did I put my winning lotto tickets!

    • Yes I believe travel almost always sounds good 🙂
      Two trips a year I make with GF are convention related.
      And seeing our times ahead I really need to save up. Not knowing how the future will turn out… Well you read my blog, so you know what I mean.

      Don’t forget a visit to the country known for cheese, windmills, wooden shoes, weed and most important, me 😉 hihi 🙂

      Hope the neighbors will frak off soon dear! *hugs* LW

      • I think if I get a holiday this year it will be the last, I anticipate living on a very tight budget from 2013 onwards (can’t say anymore, but will say more in time!) 😉

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    understand it. Therefore that’s why this post is amazing. Thanks!

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