Music was my first love, day #35


Famous words from a well known song to start this blog post with.

Music was my first love, and it will be my last.
Music of the future, and music of the past.
To live without my music, would be impossible to do.
In this world of troubles, my music pulls me through…

If I was writing this blog on my laptop, I would no doubt add some music YouTube video’s to this blog. But since I am writing this on my tablet, it’s too mush of a hassle to add them. A while ago, I did post a few songs that meant a lot to me at that time (and now still). Lost by Within Temptation is the last music video I have shared. The lyric was/is really good. If you don’t know it, just follow the link ans press play.

So this blog will mainly be about music folks. Get your refreshment, click the read more link, sit back, relax and read (perhaps with Lost in the background 😉 ).


I have always loved music. I guess it’s some of the few things I have in common with my dad. The first real pop band I loved, after a short New Kids on the Block period, was Roxette. Starting with Joyride back in 1991 they made me a huge fan. I still follow their careers and when they tour and I do have the money (big issue most of the time) and time, I am game. This year they will play in Amsterdam and I bought tickets on the first day that the sale started. I have made some friends back then, some of whom I still am in contact with, even if only through Facebook. Their music, lyrics, warmth… Yes, it is my all time favorite band. I only wish I had more money when they toured more…

Always wanted to see a gig of Roxete, Per, Marie or Gyllene Tider in Sverige. But I have never been so fortunate. It was a childhood dream that always stayed a dream unfortunately. Ah well…

Over the years, my musical love expanded. I listen to many kinds of music. And some kinds I really hate. Immensely… These days (man I am starting to sound old…), many of the “new” songs are either cheap rip offs from older songs. Or they are made by a guy and his PC. Most “artists” don’t even know how to either write a song or play an instrument. I may sound like a nagging old bird, but there must be others out there who think alike?

A songs that gets too much airplay in the Netherlands: People help the people, sung by Birdy. They never care to mention that the original song is by Cherry Ghost. And to be honest, the piano is well done in Birdy’s version. But the original, you can hear this song is written for this man who sings it. Not for a young girl. A man. Please, YouTube it and let me know what you think of both versions. The same with Adele though. She gets a lot of praise and airplay. I think her lyrics are weak and she “sings” nasal. She really isn’t my type, musical (or other) wise.

A lyric has to tease me, intrigue me. It has to have a real meaning. It doesn’t always have to be a deeper one. I will place some examples (snippets) here. Please note I borrow these lyrics to support my blog post. I do not claim any rights what so ever. Just so you know…

Lost  – Within Temptation
My hope is on fire, my dreams are for sale
I dance on a wire, I don’t want to fail her

My world, my love, my life – Roxette
I’m talking ’bout my world, my love, my life
Every time I try to close my eyes
You just entered my mind and you lay yourself down, beside me… oh why…

Lost without you – Delta Goodrem
I know I can be a little stubborn sometimes
You might say a little righteous and too proud
I just want to find a way to compromise
Cos I believe that we can work things out

Ah well, I guess I could keep posting here. But I hope I have made my point. And if there is one song that deserves to be mentioned, it’s a song that I have already picked out to be played at my cremation: The sweet hello, the sad goodbye by Roxette (of course).


But I have stated that I listen to many types of music. One show I have been fortunate to be at was Rammstein in Arnhem during their LIFAD tour. That’s something totally different from Roxette, I know! But their tunes and lyrics also have the ability to stick in your head. The first time I heard one of their songs was when I went to the movie “Triple X” or xXx (with Vin Diesel). They play in the beginning of the movie, Feuer Frei! Bang! Bang! 😀

I  also love older songs, some of the best songs originate from the sixties. But of course, music comes in so many variations that there is always something for some one to like/love/dislike/hate.

Music can help me get through the day. When I have to do something I dislike, it’s always better with good music. When I feel happy or depressed, there is always appropriate music on my 80GB iPod available.

It’s getting late and I would love to read a bit before going to sleep. Today was a crazy day at work, some good moments, some highly irritating moments. It took enough of my energy to get through the day. I was lucky to be able to work together with E. She is very nice to work with and also fun. It helped me a lot to get through these long lasting hours.

Please feel free to comment on this blog. Do keep in mind that these are all my thoughts, visions & opinions. As I wrote, there is enough music for everyone. 🙂

Thanks for caring, reading, liking, rating, commenting. I really appreciate it all!

Have a nice day, evening, night. Luv, LW.

PS. Only the first picture isn’t my own, found it through PicsArt and only did the editing. The other two pics (Roxette & Rammstein) are made by me, myself and I. 😉


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “Music was my first love, day #35”

  1. John Miles… My world, my love, my life – Roxette (they play this one all the time in my local supermarket!)

    Who are Roxette? Oh yeah that band that has bankrupted for me for years! :p

    I would love a Gyllene Tider tour in 2014, but with plans afoot (I hope!) it will be impossible to make arrangements to actually go, unless I was spontaneous and managed to squeeze in one possible show!

    I remember NKOTB, many of my friends loved them, I kind of liked them but was not as obessed as friends, I was a BROS fan, or rather as it was known then a Brosette! 😉

    I grew up with the 60’s music, The Beatles and John Lennon were my faves, John Lennon especially had an impact on my life before he was shot, I can still remember mum telling me off his death despite the age I was back then!

    NOTP opened me up to new and old music, Alan Parsons is fantastic and I have been listening ever since!

    Now a days I am especially supporting Loreen for her Eurovision entry, I am certain Sweden will win this year!

    I do love all kinds of music, at one point it was Roxette and related and nothing else but gradually I listen to all kinds now, I am not as excited about the new album as perhaps I should be which is very strange… and I have already decreased concerts this year from 3 to 2 in an effort to save money! 😉

    Great post, I also like Within Temptation as well!

    • Thanks for your comment. Yeah Roxette may have bankrupted you BUT you got to see many shows, you went to Sweden many times, you met them a lot… In a way I am very jealous…. 🙂 Guess you can understand what I mean…

      Yeah Alan Parssons…who played during NOTP on what looked like a Mister Gessle guitar 😉 Hehe…

      Glad you liked the post dear. Within Temptation is one of my fav Dutch bands. Awesome lyrics, good melodies that keep in your head… Lovely.

      Have a nice day, *hugs* LWk

  2. It is so funny, ever since we met in what was it, 1995-96 or something I have always associated Roxette with you. Whenever I hear a Roxette song, I think of you. Well, it’s a nice way to not be forgotten, right?
    For me, as you know, it’s Take That. And Robbie ofcourse. When Rob joined Take That again in 2010 and they went on tour last year I was in heaven, absolute heaven. Only got to see the one show they did in Amsterdam. It was sooooooooooooo good. Would have loved to go to one (or more) of the gigs in the UK, but you know, finances… they can be a bitch somethimes 😉 Well, I’ll just have to make due with the gig on bluray (which I put on a lot when I’m all by myself).
    The thing I love most about TT, especially nowadays, is that they write their own music, can sing live really well, put on fantastic shows, can play instruments themselves and always do concerts with a live band. Especially the singing live part is what always, to me, shows which artists ar really good, and which ones have been overproduced in a studio to sound better than they really do. I once saw this live performance by Rihanna on tv, and she was just horrible, off key and her voice sounded real small. Not that I like her or her music anyway, but I would at least have expected something more/better from someone that popular…
    Totally agree with you on some of the music nowadays. There is some good stuff here and there but a lot of it is total rubbish. The one I hate most right now is that song called “hangover”. Have you heard those lyrics??? Totally braindead…
    And yeah, the way songs can get covered by popular artists with the original never getting any credit can bug me too. A couple of years ago, during the first Idols or something, a lot of people auditioned by singing “sorry seems to be the hardest word” from…… blue! The fact that those people themselves were so ignorant as not to know that that song is from Elton John was bad enough, but the judges never even corrected them, and that’s even worse. These people were supposed to be authorities on music, weren’t they???
    Oh well, I could rant about stuff like this all day, haha. I’ll stop now 😉
    Other than TT I really like all kinds of music. Though lyrics can be quite important, I listen mostly to the melody, rythm and the way a song is sung. If those things appeal to me, I don’t really care about the lyrics (unless those are racist or something like that).

    • Haha it is a good way to be remembered. You can even sing along if you like 🙂
      Ow “Hangover”! May I vomit now?!? Radio538 played it, together with Adele and Pardou, non stop! I really dislike about 95% of the “music” you can hear on that radio station.

      Yes I am the same! Roxette, for instance, they also write, play and produce their own stuff. The real deal. I totally understand and agree with you!

      Ah well, maybe we’re growing old Sjak… We’re music dinosaurs 😉 hihi.

      *hugs* LW

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