Sun and work, day #36


For this lovely weather, I edited a pic I made last year. Maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard with the deco…but it is nice and colorful 🙂

How I hated to go to work today. All I really wanted to do, again, was sit in the garden, enjoy a good book and the sun. Yesterday I already had a run in with a co-worker. Must say now that I think it helped. Not sure for how long… But he did apologize to another co-worker. Not to me, but he was pissed with me for telling him (and our superior) what I thought of his misbehavior. Co-worker was pleasantly surprised with his apology. Now we hope he meant it… So at the beginning of this working day, I already had a run in with a temp worker. I never really liked him to be honest, but he was really pissing me off.

People who know me and/or who read my blog know I live by the rules. And of course I can bend them sometimes, only if no one is hurt by it in any way. With hurt I also mean it won’t interfere with what needs to be done. But he was playing with his cell phone while in the boss’ time. He got warned by M. but he pretended not to hear it. So I mentioned it again, that if the supervisors would spot him, he’d get an official warning. He big mouthed me. Sure dude, but now everyone knows you have been warned so you can never claim any not knowing defence. But that was just the beginning. Later on, he was ready to break one of the safety rules. The way he wanted to do it also showed me that he had done it before. So I warned him, telling him the risks his actions could have for his co-workers if handled wrong. He got pissed with me again, said he didn’t want to argue about it. A few minutes later, he was placed somewhere else. I told our supervisor what had happened. But tis supervisor is new and I really can’t read her in any way. Feel like she has a manual thicker than the Lord of the Rings trilogy… Since I was working with E. again, it was nice. She is cool. And she was also happy that the temp worker was placed elsewhere. He is just a silly kid. I felt like he needed to work today, needed the money but really didn’t want to work for his money. Kinda like how I felt, but less mature. I know he needs to be at least 18 to work there but argh he’s acting like a child. A kid with a BIG mouth. Me doesn’t likey that…


This is an edited picture of our brown girl’s friend, connect the dots 🙂  Unfortunately, brown girl only sees connect the dots about once a year. But when they connect (haha, sorry), they have a great time. As do her owner and myself 🙂

Work otherwise went OK. Didn’t have a great spirit… This is what I dislike most about myself. When the weather is nice, I want to enjoy it, I almost need to enjoy it. When I can’t due to obligations,  it makes me very cranky inside. I try not to show it, I guess I will show a little but with weather like this, I am not the only one… Last year, I worked a two shift crew. Only morning-afternoon and afternoon-evening. At one point the weather made me very depressed. When I worked a week till 14, it rained…a lot… When I had to start at 14, the sun shined…a lot! And this went on for almost five weeks! In five weeks, I had two sunny afternoons to enjoy. I really thought my work wasn’t worth missing all this nice weather. Silly huh? But I know I needed the money back then and I need it now as well. But then, who doesn’t need money?

Ah well… I guess I will post this now. I still want to write a blog about our recent trip (well, a little less recent now) to Valkenburg. Will not post it here though. Have another blog for posts like that. Just so you know.

Today, both images used are made and edited by me, myself and I. Have a nice day everyone. And again, thanks for all the digital interactions possible here 🙂

Luv, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 23, 2012.

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  1. Some people are just constant rule flouters, the late girl arrived late again yesterday after four weeks off… I give up trying to make a point!

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