It’s weekend! Day #37


Finally, the last working day of this week is over! Finally! Sun sun, here I am 🙂 But of course the sun already left before I could go home. But, we worked hard which paid off very well. We could go home an hour early. *yay* for us!

I have no idea what this blog will be about. I have edited three nice pictures of my trip to Kenya for this blog. I tried to edit them all in the same style. Hope you like it. I know I liked that trip. Wow, it’s been almost 10 years ago. A few days ago I wrote abut travelling (which is also the new album title by Roxette). So I thought it would be nice to use some great memory pictures to share here with you all. I do know that I would love to see Kenya again some day. Such a wonderful country. Of course there were also the less nice things but I guess every country has it’s good and bad things. I hope you know what I mean.


BF and I made our trip before we bought the house. It was an expensive journey for me but every Euro spend was a good one. We had a week full of game drives through different parks in the country. After that, we had ten days in an all inclusive hotel at the beach of Mombasa. And believe me, you need the rest after those tours. Early rising, late bedtime. But I would do it all again if I could. Only now, I’d bring better camera’s 😉

So yes, there are a few countries I would love to visit. And Kenya, I’d love to re-visit. But I already wrote about that. My oh my, I would almost get a writers block. I guess that is one of the difficult things of writing a blog every day. Finding a good topic. Something that you need to vent. Well, if you have something pressing on you, then  it’s always easy to write about. It gives a sort of relief after writing it all out. Other days you can write about what you did in daily life. But when you work five days a week, and you do the same thing there almost every day, it may be boring for the readers. So you only write about the things that stand out, one way or another. Then you can write about things that interest you, like music, travelling, hobbies and all. You can write about the mental issues you have. But some of these issues show up every day so again, that might get boring/repetitious as well.

I have asked you a few weeks ago about topics you would find interesting to read about. I believe I have written about the suggestions that were made by MsLeftie and Sjak. Which I would like to thank them for, again! But yeah, coming up with a good topic is indeed a difficult task. And after thirty-six posts, this being number thirty-seven, wow.


So again, I am asking your help for topics. What would you like to read about, written by me? More about music? Movies? TV-shows? Hobbies? Regrets? Dreams? Let me know please, thanks. As a Swedish band called “Brainpool” once sang: we aim to please, and if you’re not satisfied we’re down to our knees… Of course I will always use this place to vent, when needed. I will write as I please, as it is my blog (can’t remember how often I mentioned this throughout many of my earlier posts). But I’d like to think of this blog as a two way stream. I share and I’d like go communicate with you through my posts and comments. So interested to know ……. ? Then comment and let me know, thanks.

Again, as usual, I want to thank you for your interest by reading, rating, liking, commenting and so on. It is still greatly appreciated! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Luw, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 24, 2012.

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