Sun sun sun, day #38


Hello everyone! Today has been a very mixed day. Good times, very bad times, hair pulling times, tear times, window wash times, sun times, water times… So a lot of times all in one day. Too much…

I was partly to blame for this mixture of times. Not all my fault. But still… Feel bad about it all. But after talking I think it got a bit better. A lot better. Many feelings, hurt feelings, doubtful feelings, it didn’t add up and we crashed. My worries, her worries, our fears, our anger maybe… Let me try to explain it. Let me tell you about today. Let me try it in a different way than usual. Not sure if it will work out, but there is only one way to find out I guess. As Julie Andrews once sang: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” (The Sound of Music, Do-re-mi)


I slept badly last night (again… *sigh*). BF was snoring a lot and GF still is sleeping single. I slept on and off and didn’t feel very rested when I woke up again. I woke before my alarm went off so decided go get up. I got dressed and went downstairs to take care of our little brown girl. GF got down too. We fed the little girl and took her for walk. Then we got back home and waited for my mum to arrive. We always do our grocery shopping together on Saturday, when we have nothing else planned.
So mum came and we went. All went well so far.
We arrived at the store. Still no problems.
But in the store we started having an argument. A very stupid one. But we both had our own issues and those, combined with the argument, exploded. GF walked away mad, leaving my mum and me to do our groceries. Since GF always wants to check what we have and what we need, I was very much clueless as to what go buy, besides the normal stuff. So it was a cheap trip at that store since I only got what I knew for sure. Besides, store near our house opens for four hours every Sunday afternoon.
And there is always pizza or Chinese that can be ordered 😉 So we would not starve.


Today we would wash our windows as I can’t do it by myself. Mum has some good stuff to wash the windows wit, so I asked her if she could help us out. She promised to make a start and show GF how it’s used. But GF was cranky that I asked my mum. So she wouldn’t help and only stood there, watching. That agitated me a lot, as she always is big on keeping her promise, and now she just stood there, moping. So we got into an argument that ended with hair pulling and a lot of anger, both ways. She walked off. I did my best helping mom before and after that argument, I walked off as well to talk with GF. I feel I have failed my mum (ow my, starting to cry a little and BF is still in the room). But I feel I didn’t help enough, that in the end, mum did too much (again). And then I hate myself even more than I normally do… Fail…

But in the end GF and I talked about it and worked some things out. I went back down just before mum was ready to leave. The Easter weekend she and dad will go on a short trip. I offered to take Wiener here, if they didn’t want to take him along. Wiener is the almost ten years old Dachshund. I think I did mention all the dogs names in older blogs, but they need some anonymity as well 🙂  So we have the little brown girl, best friend has connect the dots and parents have the wiener 🙂
Mum said she would talk with dad about it, thanked me for the offer. Since on Thursday before Easter, we’ll be in Nijmegen anyway. I will get that new tattoo then at six pm. Whoop whoop!


Wiener, aged six weeks!

So after mum left, we ate brunch. After that, we took our little brown girl to the waterside. She could swim and retrieve her toy, we could enjoy the sun. It was very nice and I believe we all enjoyed it. After a while we went back. Enjoyed a nice book (BF had his laptop) and a cold drink. For dinner, we went into our small city centre for a nice meal. All went well. When we got back, we fed the brown girl and took her for a walk. After that, GF had to go to work 😦

BF and I have been watching movies tonight. I wanted go see “Independence day” and now we’re almost through “Back to the future 2“, after seeing number one. GF will hopefully be home around two, which by then is three 😉

I think this is all for tonight folks. Sending all my usual thank yous your way. Have a great weekend all!

Luv, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 25, 2012.

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