Wonderful Wednesday, until… day #42


Today has been a good day. Well at least until 19:00… Work went quite OK even though getting up was quite hard and we were a few people short. It was hard work and throughout the day the temperature was rising in our building. I am very happy with my deodorant in my locker. And I’m guessing some co-workers are happy about that too.

The night had been a bit restless. It wasn’t too warm. I just had silly dreams. Probably about all that happened the previous day. I barely remember dreams/nightmares. Which can be both good and bad I guess.

Work went good as well. There were four people not in today, but we got no one back in return. So it was a lot of work but it kept us busy…and as the day prolonged, also warm and sweaty. After work I went back home. Re-dressed into something more comfortable and then prepared the car for a ride with the brown girl. I had go prep it as she would be going swimming and I only want a wet dog in my trunk…not on the backseats.

The sun was nice but the wind was too chilly. So after half an hour we went back home. Into the garden where there was less wind. I read a bit, enjoyed a cold drink and chatted with GF. Today she heard she got the job she wanted! She will start on May first. Yeah!

But her being a student still now is what brought me to my problem. Big problem! I have had a credit card with my own bank now for ages! Always paid the bills in time, OK once I was two days late due to the bank having internet login problems. But I always paid up. Never needed to loan for a while. Now ICS cards took over the “service” of my bank. All went well. First payments worked perfectly and the internet site worked good as well. Because you never know when you need to make a larger payment, I asked for the option, when it should be needed, to pay over a longer period of time. They send me a letter that they needed information about the financial status of my partner. As she is almost finished with her education, I immediately send them an e-mail. I explained the situation. Asked them if they needed all the papers as it is now, or when she starts her new job (as that will be soon). Never got a reply! Send the same mail again yesterday. No reply. Logged into the online part…my card is blocked?!?! What? When? How? Call the help desk. I did… No help, just desk I guess. Yes I was right. But my bank should have never given me the card as I was not worthy due to my income…. WHAT?!

On their site stands: minimum netto (what you really get on your bank account) wages € 1150. My netto income is € 1400, at this moment. So it should be enough.
Yes but my partner is still in school… Yes with scholarship and extra job she earns about € 1315, at this moment.
BUT I hadn’t send in those records yet, as I was awaiting their e-mail reply.
So together, as it is now, I should think I would be able to afford the card (as I have done already for years!)
I even make payments to my cards account before it’s due. I don’t want to brag, but I am an example client! And they just see my e-mail, probably, read only half of it and decide to block me. I am afraid that, due to the big market of ICS, I am bound to use their “service” if I want to use a credit card, Master or Visa. So I guess that’s why the guy could be an @$$! He knows they own the market. *yay* for buying out the competition, me thinks.

So now I await a reply from both bank as ICS (maybe they will answer me this time instead of blocking me without any notice). Wonder how long it will take. Since this was a total unnecessary action by ICS, every minute spend on this was already taking too long. Aaarggghhhh!

I did my Twitter venting. I did my blog post venting. Now I need some sleep. Alarm goes off, again, at 4:20, which is in 7 hours and 20 minutes.

Thanks for everything, once again. Have a good night, day, evening. All the best, with luv, LW

~ by Lonely Wallflower on March 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, until… day #42”

  1. Sounds like a classic example of bad service from someone, in this case your bank… I would be annoyed as well!

    • Annoyed is a very nice way to put it… Yesterday I got an email asking me to send the salary info from GF plus a letter saying I wasn’t rich enough for the credit card and they blocked me… Always paid in time without being able to afford it. Must be magical me then…

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