How I met my GF, day #45


Howdy all, it’s Saturday again! Heck, it’s almost Sunday already. In 23:50 hours my night shift starts again… But only 4 nights, whoohoo 🙂

OK as I was kinda lost for an easy blog idea for tonight, MsLeftie opted I could write on how I met my GF. Well, that’s not too complicated. Not a very long story. Hopefully I can make it sound interesting enough for you all though 😉

OK, let’s go back to 2005. I got hip problems which caused me to work half days and in February 2006 I would undergo surgery (multiple times). I got bored and watched all DVD’s I had. A co-worker told me I could borrow her Buffy the Vampire Slayer discs, as she was dazzled that I didn’t know that show… So that’s when I got into the show. And when there was a small convention in the end of May 2006, I went with a group of friends who all met through the “Once more with feeling board/forum”. I did all my exercises and all after my surgeries to be healthy enough to go to the Dutch Star Con.

So the end of May arrived and I went to the con. During a photo shoot with Camden Toy and Iyari Limon (see picture at the top of the post), I saw her. I made some pictures for friends. She saw one of them and commented on it. I told her I could e-mail it to her if she would give me her e-mail address. Yeah, sure, OK, thanks… Now if only we had paper. I had a pen. So I searched frantically for a stupid piece of paper (Gf later told me I looked hilarious), I ended up with a coaster from the bar.

I just shared the picture that I promised to send to the girl 😉  Yes I modified it a bit. But it still shows Iyari’s smile. I was staying at the hotel. My friends and I booked the dinner with the guests, the girl and her boyfriend (back then) left before dinner. We talked a little, but as I was in a big group and we had some things planned, I had to tag along.

That evening I partied hard with my friends, Camden and Kenny Baker (R2D2 from the Star Wars movies) and his wife Eileen. So when we went to bed, you could say I was under the influence of some alcoholic drinks…and then some 😉 I still had the coaster on me and packed it well away before trying to sleep.

I remember having the weirdest dream about that girl. What was her name again? OMG!

I know I was bi-sexual from the age of 14/15, even though I never had “come out of the closet”. Due to some too personal reasons, which I obviously won’t share in a non password protected post, I decided to keep it to myself. I hadn’t even told my best friend ever! For some reason, the idea of coming out as a bi-sexual scared me a whole lot. Especially when I had stuck to boyfriends. In 2006, I had been together with BF for 8 years. But still, there had been something about this girl that gave me a very wicked dream that night. I normally never remember dreams/nightmares, but some parts of this dream still seem very vivid to this day!

I won’t go into details. Though they might boost my blog views through the roof, if you get what I mean 😛

I had a very weird feeling when I woke up a few hours later. Very weird. But due to all the activities of that day, I had not a lot of time to dwell on those thoughts.

When I got home late that evening, I went on a frantic search for that coasted. Where did I put it? Where was it? I couldn’t remember where I had left it the previous night. I was very tired and had to work the next day, so I didn’t have a lot of time to search.

Then I finally found it! I had packed it so good that I had troubles finding it. So finally I could send the picture. The friends I went to the convention with and I were planning an after con meeting. So I decided to invite the girl and her bf to come. They came. I felt different around her. Something I hadn’t felt in a long time. But it was weird, as I never felt so strong for a girl. I didn’t know what to do with these feelings. So I told BF. He laughed. I wondered why. Because the thought the girl was feeling the same about me. WHAT?!?

So he got into chatting with her. As did I. We met up a few more times. And then it slowly started to become something. We kissed. It felt weird. I felt I could have done better. That is also what I told her. So later, I got my second chance. And then we knew for sure. After a while girl became GF, she broke up with her bf.

In the end of September 2006, GF and I went to our first foreign convention with two friends, Collector Mania at Milton Keynes, UK. Our first outing as girlfriend lovers 😉
There we met some awesome actresses and actors, best of all Amber Benson, Elisabeth Rohm and Juliet Landau.

Well, this is it for now. Thanks again MsLeftie for the idea. Thanks everyone for all the usual 🙂

Luv, LW



~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “How I met my GF, day #45”

  1. Great post!

  2. Amazing how you can feel that way about someone in an instant, albeit a bit confusing or weird at first…. Something like that happened the day I met my husband, although we ended up kissing that very evening, but then the circumstances were a bit different from yours ;-). I don’t really believe in fate, but sometimes things just seem like they’re “meant to be”.

    Oh, and also: Buffy rules!!! Should really watch those dvd’s again sometime. But have to finish watching Criminal Minds (s5) first, and then catch up on season 7 of HIMYM (Barney should totally be marrying Robin!), and oh my lord, I’m completely forgetting about season 7 of Bones….
    Too… Much… To… Watch… Too… Little… Time!!!

    • Yes it truly can be amazing. I do believe that things like these can happen as I have experienced it myself.
      Ow so much good TV shows to follow. Must still buy myself some more seasons of HIMYM. Only have the first two so far. New Bones will come out in October in the UK so still have to wait for that… But love TV shows 🙂

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