Tired…but fun Sunday, day #46


Wow, Sunday was a lot of fun. I really had a great time. But now, working my first (of four) graveyard shifts and I feel soooo frakking tired! I knew today would be a day that would drain on my energy, in a good way, but it took a bit more than I had expected.

Went swimming with best friend and her 5 year old son. Took my (under) water camera to shoot some nice pictures and videos. But that was very tiresome. Fun. Worth it. But this shift is really, really hard now.

That’s also the reason I am posting this blog so late. Needed the time between swimming and work to gain some energy. So now I am using my breaks to type this blog. Sorry for the delay folks! If you follow me on Twitter, you could have seen my tweet about it πŸ˜‰

We’re now halfway through the night. All I want is my bed. But as I only work 4 nights, I do need all my hours. So I just have to stay awake about 4 more hours. In 4 hours I will be home. Home, brush teeth, take painkiller, undress, put on sleeping T-shirt and hopefully then…sleep! Wonder how long it will take for me to wake up again. Last night, I woke 4 times. Could not call myself rested after that night.

At times like these I almost feel happy with my ADHD. But the trouble is, my mind may be able to survive it all, my body is giving up at times. My muscles are so tight that GF needs to massage me a lot. Otherwise they “lock up” and it’s close to impossible for me to move. But nope, can’t get muscle relaxing pills. I really need to visit GP soon, as I really do believe a big part of my painfull muscles is caused by my ADHD. I can’t relax. I mean, when I really think I’m relaxing my muscles, people still ask me if I’m relaxing as they’re still tight and tense. 😦 It hurts so Goddamn much :’-(

Sunday morning I got a whatsapp from the friend I mentioned earlier. The one that had hurt me a lot. I had told her, well written to her, I needed time. Time to work on it. And now she is texting me if I had enough time, if it helped… Why? Why not keep the promise and leave me be until I am ready to contact her again? I am difficult. Something that hurt/bothered me for such a long time, I can’t erase it in a few days after a chat on whatsapp. It really takes time for me. Not just a few days. Why do I feel like I am taking too long now? When I know it is her being too damn impatient with me… Damn you insecurity!

Last break on nightshift. Want to kill some lazy ass co-workers! Our nightshift groups are made up from people of group 1 and 2, as they used to work with only 2 groups… So about half of this shift are people from “my” group and the other half is from the other group… It now seems that the people from the other group are lazy sons of b*tches! We are working our asses off (I wish, I have enough) and they are going at snail speed. If they go any slower, they would be going backwards! As you may notice, this really irritates me as it isn’t fair. Why should we have to do all the shitty work while they merely play around? Grrrrraaaarrggghhhh! Only three more nights this week. *yay* for that πŸ™‚ But still. It sucks. Big time.

I guess it’s time to post this. I hope to ve in bed in two hours. So darned and damned tired….

Thanks for the usual stuff folks! Have a nice week πŸ˜€

~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Tired…but fun Sunday, day #46”

  1. How annoying of your friend to make contact again so soon!

    • That is why I didn’t reply. First she informs me that she respects my wishes and then she texts me within such a short time… I guess I know why… Birthday party of GF and myself coming up… *sigh*

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