Tattoo, day #50


Here it is, number seven! This picture is taken about four hours after it was set. I did tweak the picture a bit. It was taken with my Nexus by GF while she was cleaning it. She wanted to go to bed. So she was kind enough to clean it up.

She asked me this evening why I chose for a rainbow colored Yin Yang, instead of the traditional one. Hmm… Good question. Answer is easy in my head. But to put real words to it. And somehow I felt like she was searching for an answer she wanted tk hear. I felt like I needed to please her with my answer. But it wasn’t that easy.

The tat was set in a bit over two hours time. The black parts hurt the most. I guess that is partly because they are on top of my very sore muscles. But I did my best. And you just saw the result of the hard work.

But why the rainbow colors? Hmm many people kinda knew my idea, my design, and now… GF is the first one, now after it’s set, to pop that question. So well, why?

I have always loved rainbows. I have always been inspired by the skies wonders. Rays of sunlight, playful clouds, rainbows. I like the prism colors. I like it that the reflection of the sun through a simple drop of water can turn into something so beautiful.

The black and while in Yin Yang, the good and bad sides as some call them. Together they’re in balance. Together they are wise and strong. But the black, to me it’s the bad side. And by replacing the black with color, I want to replace the bad with something good. Some might say that it will destroy my balance. But lately, especially when I am depressed, the black side seems to be so much bigger and stronger than the white side.

Ah well. I have thought about it ever since GF asked me and this is what I came up with so far. I hope it makes any sense. I have edited the picture another time, love to try out different apps and see what I can make of my pictures. So with this picture I will leave you and hopefully get a good night’s rest. As I am not working tonight 🙂

Thanks for the usual lovelies 😀  Have a good Friday! Luv, LW



~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Tattoo, day #50”

  1. I already said it, but WOW, it’s really beautiful. I love the colors, me loooooooooves rainbows. Personally, I don’t have much with the yin/yang sign. I agree with it’s idea, the concept of good and bad, light and dark etc. (not in a heaven/hell or god/devil way as I these are concepts I have very little affinity with) being intertwined, keeping each other in balance. But the symbol to me is just that, a picture, so I don’t believe replacing the black with rainbow colors will imbalance you. But then again, you might feel different about the symbology. Or religion of spiritualism in general? Would like to read your views on that sometimes 🙂
    As for the reason you got this tattoo, in this particular way… Well, I can understand you wanting to explain yourself (especially to GF), but it really is your choise to get anything you like tattooed on your body, as long as you do it wisely and sensibly 😉

  2. Beautiful design, I really love the rainbow idea!

    Of course tattoo 7 for me will be next Tuesday! I can’t wait! 🙂

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