I believe in… day #52


It’s Saturday. A new day. A new blog. A new, difficult, topic. I had to Google/Wikipedia it. And still some things are still difficult. Sjak mentioned something about believes in one of her comments. It was a remark towards my own Yin Yang explanation, considering my new tattoo.

So I really needed to research it a bit before I could start this post. I have been raised a Catholic. Went to a Catholic elementary school. I have been baptised and underwent my 1st commune. And then, I grew older and started to think more about it. About what I believe and can’t even imagine to believe in. Yes, I am indeed attempting to write a blog about religion, about my believes. I will try to be open about it, but it could be people who strongly believe in their “version” of God. I strongly feel that everyone may believe whatever they wish BUT only if it doesn’t harm anyone in any way. No hatred, no discrimination, nothing of that. Ah well, if you’re interested to read more, please click the link. If the previous statements made you feel unhappy about my writing in any way, please either go on with caution or skip away. I do believe in freedom of speech as I do in freedom of religion: as long as it’s respectful and peacefully. You may disagree whole heartily, but I still have my rights. Oh enough of this!

Here you can find a list of religious symbols. If you’re interested. Wikipedia list on symbols.


First I’d like to state that the World Wide Web is full of sites on all sorts of religion. I have chosen to share a few for the benefits of my post. I have not written them! Only linked/quoted them. I will acknowledge when I agree or disagree. Or I will quote a part and place my comment. I am only responsible for the text I write myself. And I believe I have explained that I am not out to hurt anyone’s believes, that this is how I feel about it. My opinion. Please respect me as I do you. Thanks!

So well, what do I believe? I believe there is someone/something out there. But I do not believe in having to give her/him/it a name. I believe that, by doing so, the whole believe itself is ripped apart. If we all would believe in a greater being without a need of a name, we’d all believe in the same and there would be no need for religion related wars.

I could state that if everyone would see it as I do, we’d still have the Twin Towers. Because America would not fight against Muslim extremists as they would not exist. Christianity would not exist either. And as many people claim that their religion is the reason they are anti gay, well, it would not exist either!

What I am trying to explain is, that I think we’d all be more tolerant to each other if we’d have the same believes. The same religion. Of course there are people practically living for their religion. So they’d might be bummed. But on the other hand, without that religion, they wouldn’t know that they miss it at all.

Ah such a difficult topic. I found on Rational Wiki that this believe comes closest to mine: Ietsism. It’s a rather new believe, or non-believe as some call it.

It is derived from the Dutch word iets meaning something, literally, and indeed the term had originated in the Netherlands, which is full of wonderful things. It’s not completely sure from where the word originates. It was popularized by atheist biologist Ronald Plasterk (who would later become education minister) in the late 1990s but it appears the word is older. Plasterk initially called ietsism ‘an annoying sign of our time’ but later said he preferred it over theism, calling it “like atheism with a whiff of nostalgia. Intellectually poor but much more sympathetic than the idea that there is some angry god who wants all this misery”. The word has been included in the official Dutch dictionary since 2005. (source Rational Wiki, see link above).

How an Ietsist explains their beliefs (source Rational Wiki, see link above)

“There is something, but I don’t know what it is. But there must surely be something. Not nothing. Something. I don’t know what that something is, but that there is something, of that I am sure. I think.”

Assuming that Ietsists even bother to discuss their beliefs, discussing Ietsists will likely cause both atheists and theists (and agnostics and deists and …) to facepalm over the Ietsist’s intellectual laziness, or their indecision to hop on board a more mainstream and more easily defined beliefs. An Ietsist may not always be a sign of intellectual laziness, just as an atheist may not always be a teenager with scene hair raging against their parents.

These two parts are quoted fro, the Rational Wiki site. I do not think though, that Ietsism is a form of any laziness to the person(s) believing in it. Not only because I share these believes, but because I have thought about this, a whole lot in fact.

I also read that, a few years ago, already about 40% of the Dutch population considered themselves “followers” of Ietsism. I wonder if it has anything to do with 9/11 and the fact that more and more stories come out from people that have been abused while under the care of Catholics. One of the “rules” in many believes is that one shall not harm another. According to some, suicide is a great sin as well.  This site gives an Islamic perspective on it, according to the site. But there are “counter rules”, of course… Otherwise disasters as 9/11 could have never happened. And all those boys, as for now it’s mostly the men’s stories we here of here in the Netherlands, that have been placed under Catholic care. Where the priests (sexually) abused these boys. I thought the Bible was, like the Quran, anti-gay. As you should not lay with your own kind. So being gay is unacceptable, but grown men abusing small boys (with knowledge of that going up very high), that is OK? I do understand why people are taking steps back from their religions to see the big picture.

I found different websites/blogs/comments on topics of believe and disbelieve. Of respect towards other people’s religious believes. The site Silly Beliefs has a post on Respect. Through the writer is writing about the situation in NZ, I do believe it could be situated in many other countries as well.

Here is a part of the introduction to this post:

In NZ and in an increasing number of countries religion has a major problem on its hands — the majority of citizens are no longer ignorant and uneducated. Science and reason has replaced religion and faith. The battles have been fought, the war is over and religion has lost. Their power gone, they can no longer force our obedience. Having their primitive stories exposed as fictions mean they can no longer even persuade us to follow them willingly. Yet religion refuses to surrender. It struggles on mortally wounded, gasping and wheezing, attacking when cornered with the only weapons it has left: denial and isolation. For the first time in history it goes off the offensive and onto the defensive, and we get the pathetic plea of “Please respect my religion”.

Oh boy! I do believe that this writing, even though I believe in it partially, could open up huge discussion. As would the rest of this post. But many things that are stated in it, I do see myself and my thoughts back in it. People asking to respect their religion. But when we ask for that same favor, we are hearing that their religion is the only one. Or that it isn’t the only one, but the one that matters most. In my eyes, that isn’t a form of respect, when it only goes one way.


I believe there is something. I will not define it as a god, as people of all religions do pray and pray and still so many people need to suffer. There is a creator, I am sure of that. Don’t want to define it further by writing it is a he/she/it/man form or not… Because, in my opinion, the creator merely created. It’s not a puppet master with infinite controls. We were created and then we were left on our own. Our own choices throughout all the years, going back many centuries, have defined us in who we are, what we stand for. Our creations were our own. Our mistakes and triumphs were/are are own. The creator merely observes. And do miracles happen?

When you Google on miracles, often you read that you have to believe. And that belief is often combined with God. I’d like to think that everyone deserves a miracle, not only they who believe in Christianity. But of course, what one sees as a miracle… It’s in the eye of the beholder.


I believe everyone deserves their miracle. Heck, everyone deserves more than one. But not too much, as people would get accustomed to it and it wouldn’t be miracles anymore. But I do not believe that praying people deserve more luck than others. I do believe that people who break the law, knowingly and willingly, give up their miracles. The people they have hurt with their actions should receive the miracle instead, when the time is right.

If you do pray, if you do believe, I hope it gives you the strength that you wish to gain from it. I respect your believes, as I also hope you will respect me for having other ideas about it all.

I don’t want to change your mind about religion. This post is written by me, coming from my believes. I am open to discuss this topic with you through the comments section. But do note, only respectful comments will be allowed. I believe that, after reading this post, you know why.

Sjak, I hope this sort of answers your question/suggestion. I haven’t written about Yin and Yang, so that might be a follow up post.

Thanks for reading, liking, rating and commenting. Have a great Easter weekend dears!

From Lonely Wallflower with luv, x.

~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “I believe in… day #52”

  1. Awesome blog girl, and your right, each to their own, when it comes to what we believe in well its simply that what we believe in nobody else has to and you shouldn’t have to justify what your belief’s are to anybody.

    Happy Easter…….and I love you new tat by the way

    • Thanks! I really mean it, to each their own. As long as we don’t force our beliefs on others. As long as we can respect each other for the human beings that we are.

      Happy you liked the tat. Me loves it too 😉

  2. Nothing wrong with your post, everyone is entitled to there own opinion, if people can’t accept that, tough you gave them enough warning!

    I was brought up in the Church of England and whilst I have lasped over the years I still think I am a Christian… although at times relgion confuses the hell out of me!

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