Cupcakes, day #54


Good day. Simple, though busy day. Slept in a bit, as the next four days will be early risings due to early shift.

Ate some colored eggs, a banana and an apple. Yes, trying to eat healthy. Miss my candy though. But to compensate, GF wanted to bake cupcakes. We needed some groceries.

Supermarket around the corner advertised in being open today. But they forgot to mentions the opening hours. So we were not the only ones being too early. GF got some money back which she paid too much on Saturday in a neighboring store. She bought some blouses as well for her new job.

Then we went back home. It has been raining all day. We measured up a part of the living room as we want to make changes to it. Well, GF and I want it. BF still has to think about it. But we checked out some Ikea cabinets and found some nice items. Now some more measuring and persuading GF. Ah well. We’ll see…

After that, it was time to walk with the dogs and go back to the supermarket. Damn it was busy! And of course, what I wanted was unavailable… Ah well, again, let’s get something else then.

So back with two wet dogs, glad to be out of the too busy store. Cupcake time. I shared a pic of the dogs last night and of the cupcakes this afternoon through Instagram. Yes, it’s available for Android now too πŸ˜‰

We only have to finish the topping now. Just ate dinner. Bed in about one and a half hour already. Will miss those days of sleeping in.

Hope you all have had a nice Easter. Now it’s back to business as usual. Work and all. Payday will be a day delayed this week due to Easter. Hmmm… Hope I can fill up my car this week in time πŸ˜‰

Thanks for all, luv to all, LW.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Cupcakes, day #54”

  1. I want a cupcake now!

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