Forgiven, day #59

You gave up the fight
You left me behind
All that’s done’s forgiven
You’ll always be mine
I know deep inside
All that’s done’s forgiven

I watched the clouds drifting away
Still the sun can’t warm my face
I know it was destined to go wrong
You were looking for the great escape
To chase your demons away

© Within Temptation


I just love this song. There isn’t much I wish to share with you today. But as I promised to write a blog a day, I did my best in editing three pictures for this post.

Today has been OK, so no worries. I just feel too tired to write right now. So I hope you will like the edited images I am sharing with you. The images I found through Google. The lyrics are taking from Within Temptation, so I claim no rights. I only dis the editing… Don’t want any lawsuit hassle….

Hope you’re all well, take good care and thanks for checking out my blog. Have a nice day.

From Lonely Wallflower with luv.



~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 14, 2012.

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