Precarious Sunday, day #60


I am sorry dear followers, but no video or nice edited images today. I am too tired and my headache is telling me it should be time to lay down in bed. And my tablet is running low on power. Tablet feels like I do I guess, drained.

Went to bed around midnight and put my e-reader on my Nexus away about twenty minutes later. GF was still at work, BF was already sleeping beside me. Since GF would have to go to bed immediately as she was working the early shift this morning (crazy morons who do the planning there, @$$es!). So I felt it would be OK to give in to my tiredness.

I slept on and off. BF and I would spend the morning and early afternoon together. He had to pick up something for a co-worker somewhere. He asked me and the dog along, so we could have a nice walk in the neighborhood after we picked it up. OK sounds nice. So we ate breakfast and after that, BF prepped so we could go.

Of course he had to enter the address as he was driving. The GPS thingie didn’t load that fast, as he kept on driving, and it caused enough irritations. The crazy thing is, I told him an old schoolteacher used to live in that village. And I think I actually saw her as she was walking her dog. BF asked if I’d like to speak to her. But seeing he was agitated, I told him it was better to get to his appointment in time.

I used my GPS and told him where to go. He yelled, saying it couldn’t be right… In the end, I was and we found it. We wanted to walk at the dike, but there were no good parking/walking spots so we got back to the woods we just passed. There we walked and it was quite nice. Tiresome but nice.

We got back about 15 minutes before GF got home. She looked tired and a little pissed. And she asked me if I could remove a small splinter from her arm. In the end I needed to cut it out! I have done so before but only on myself. I knew I was hurting her and it felt bad. But I got it out and she was quite happy about it. And it was kinda big for a “small splinter”. After that: couch time with a DVD. We watched Eragon and it made me cry….a lot. I felt so emotional….
After that, we watched Lord of the Rings. While watching we prepped dinner and I cooked it.

A little over an hour ago, GF went to bed. About half am hour ago, BF went as well. And I feel that my bed is calling for me now.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Next week is late shift week. So late posts on my blog 😉

Have a good start of a new fresh week. From LW with luv.


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “Precarious Sunday, day #60”

  1. This picture just makes me smile, I wish I was cookie monster life might be less hassle to be a cartoon character! (Yes talking like a crazy woman, high on codeine – tooth ache!)

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