Starting to MapMyWalk, day #61

I wanted to post a nice image of the map, where I walked this evening. Too bad… WordPress is not really supporting it (or I am doing something wrong…). But well, I started to map my (longer) walks with the free MapMyWalk+ app. It works really ab fab! Today I downloaded another app, a Dutch one, “Blokje Om“. Haven’t tried that one out yet, so can’t say anything good nor bad about it. But so far, MapMyWalk+ works like a charm. Only the metric system is often seen as euh, the other system. How can I enter how many OZ of water I have drunk when I don’t even know what it is? The website already offers metric, so hopefully it will all get transferred soon. Would love to keep a caloric intake journal, but now, it’s quite difficult.

Every time I get my spirits up and decide I should work out more. Lose some of my fat… Get a better condition. Every time I start OK, get struck with depression and/or binge eating and there it goes again… So now I am confronting myself with weighing and keeping track on site. I know I have to be realistic, but so far, a blog a day is also still strong after 61 days. So maybe this will work out, if you get what I mean, as well…

Today while working I thought about walking with our little brown girl after coming home from work. And seeing both BF and GF were away, I decided to change my shoes, get my iPod and walk. It was very chilly, about 3 degrees Celsius. But it was nice. Music on, app started, GPS located and walk. I had to call for the little brown one a few times, as I kept walking and she was happily sniffing around. But the walk was nice and it felt good. Am hoping the weather will be OK the rest of the week as well, so I can keep this up.

I love to walk. But not without music. And when there’s no music, I need someone with me. Walking a nice distance without anyone to talk to or music to listen to…boring!

But now, it’s almost 1:45 am. I am getting tired after a small work out this morning in the living room, a 1 km walk this afternoon, work from 14-22:30 and then a 2,5 km walk this evening. Will do my best to keep on posting about my struggle with my weight…

I know a dear Twitter friend, @sad_piglet, is now in hospital trying to gain weight. So we’re both battling our own “fight with food” and I hope we both come out winners! But with dear blog/Twitter support, we are strong! Thanks for your help, thanks for the usual as well 😉

From Lonely Wallflower with luv, LW


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 17, 2012.

4 Responses to “Starting to MapMyWalk, day #61”

  1. I do think depression makes it very hard to motivate yourself to either eat well, lose well and exercise… in a good mood I can do everything, in a bad mood all I want to do is curl up in bed, what makes it worse is when people say, “Go for a nice walk,” it will help lift your mood. Yes this I know, most people know this but have you tried going for a walk when you are paranoid and suffering from anxiety that even walking to bins is difficult.

    I still need to check out this app you mentioned, I will!

    • I totally agree with you. Somewhere deep inside you know you’d normally would do it. You know you want to do it, that it’s good for you. But that voice inside your head can be so convincing that no one cares anyway. That it doesn’t matter if you would do it because so one would notice. That it’s much easier to just do nothing… I hope people will help me, through my blog, Twitter, e-mail, IRL, so I can keep it up even when feeling f*cked up… *hug* thanks dear.

  2. Saw on facebook that you are using this app. Very interesting. I have lost 8 kg last year by going on daily walks (well, during weekdays that is) and eating better. No diets, just eating less at a time, but more times during the day, worked great for me! Unfortunately due to work sh*t I fell from my routine hard. No more walks and I ate everything that was bad for me. Gained 4 kg again so now I’m trying to get back “in the zone”. Difficult even when you’re not depressed 😉
    But this app looks really interesting. I love being able te keep track of what I do, and this seems like a nice way to do it.

    • Yes this app is easy to use and I love it. Using this it stimulates me to go out and “map my walk”. Now I know how far I’ve been, how slow/fast I was and I can see the route too 🙂

      I also downloaded “Blokje om” but haven’t used that one yet. Seems interesting as well.

      I gained most weight due to depressed binge eating and hanging on the couch instead of moving my @$$.

      If you’d like, maybe in a weekend we can walk a nice route together (with or without dog). Could be a nice way to catch up, face to face 🙂
      Lemme know if interested (not sure if you read my replies to you), you have my e-mail and number!

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