Walking…tired now… day #66

Howdy folks! Today won’t be a long post as I want to lay back and watch DVD and relax this evening. GF and I started our day with the usual grocery shopping with my mum.

BF had to work today. So after we got back from shopping, he was already gone. We cleaned up, ate brunch and then set out for our walk. We walked a little over 1,5 hours, we took the dog so it wasn’t a fast walk today. But in the end we walked about 8 kilometers. So all in all, not that bad. I was very pleased. And we managed to keep it dry. A few hours later we had rain, hail and sun haha!

We made delicious dinner, my special pasta. I make it almost every week. So far, no one who ever tasted me told me it was bad. Some asked the recipe, but… That is mine and mine alone ☺

After that… We relaxed a bit before GF had to go to work. I now am watching Criminal Minds on DVD and would like to give it all of my attention. BF will be home in an hour so I’d better enjoy it while I can. Sorry for the short, and maybe boring, blog today. Hope you are all well.

From LW with luv Rode roos


~ by Lonely Wallflower on April 21, 2012.

One Response to “Walking…tired now… day #66”

  1. Nothing better than chilling out with a DVD! Enjoy it!

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